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"Erotic Hypnosis".

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There is mention of SEX CONTROL SYSTEM (a variation on "self-hypnosis" "in the trance magnetic state " in order "to get by on their own sexual magnetism, but many new members felt so lucky to be invited, they thought they’d died and gone to heaven.") at --

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Joshua Pellicer : The Tao Of Badass (Tao Badass Complete Attraction System or Complete Tao System; also bonus Body-Language Mastery Course) Mentioned at ( being a website advertising various erotic novels) including link to opening to for sale at $ 67. But advertised at for sale at $ 47! (Not identical with what is listed at as "By Mr Christopher James Tao and the Art of Being a Badass". published by

The "magnetic trance" is attained in relation to "a hidden self or Philosopher's Stone which, when activated, brings us into contact with a higher level of being." For this, a "uniform force field ... called the "animate field," is employed upon "animal magnetism."

the secret art of hypnotic seduction -- HYPNOTIC SEDUCTION PART 2

the secret art of hypnotic seduction -- SEX MAGIC

Joseph Rinoza Plazo author of Ph.D of Persuasion and Psychic Seduction V --

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