How to Accomplish Sexual Dreaming

Firstly, the music ought to be playing in order to provide enough entertainment to deities for them to be praesent in the room, listerning -- and because they naturally reside in the dream-world, they can be most easily be attracted if the music be overnight left playing (such as, streaming on the computer music-player, such as on YouTube for a multihour episode) so that the deities will be able to hear it in their dream-world and therewith will realize that they are invited (and that the invitation is extended by a dreaming mortal who is undertaking visitation into their world) -- then they will gratiously emerge (while the dreamer is in the process of awaking) into the waking world. Also perfumes (such as spice-oils) ought to be set forth so as to aid in indicating to deities that they are welcome.

Secondly, within the house the particular location which the deities have indicated that they praefer (both by their having appeared there in the waking world, and by their having produced a sample of the attractant for themselves in those environs of the dream-world) ought to be gone to by the couple who seek to become deity-possessed during sexual intercourse. There the spoken (such as chanted or sung) invitations ought to be extended for the deities to entre into their gendre's respective gendre in the waking-world -- this invitation extended between and amid sessions of sexual activity thereat in the waking-world.

This sort of sexual activity-practice in the waking-world (even if not producing any noticeable sensations of the waking-bodies' being occupied by their gendre's respective deities) ought (when sufficiently repeated, over many days, weeks, months, and longer in the waking world) to be sufficient inducement for the arising of the desired sexual components within dreams. Of course, the place of sexual rendezvous for the couples in the dream-world ought to be the same, correspondingly, as being carried out ritually in the waking-world -- it would needs be remembred, while dreaming, to go thiter so as to be redenact there in those environs of the dream-world the same sexual activities as ritually engaged in during the waking-state.

Now as for the writer's personal proclivity (which may furnish an instance of that which would be naturally differing, either for diversity of persons or for diversity of their proclivities), or more praecisely the personal proclivity of the writer's spouse at that time (who dealt extensively with deities, serving for communicating messages from and to them during residence in the waking-world, in a mode of deity-mediumship) was thus : after having had a certain ostensible deity exorcised (the writer's spouse, the first time) by an person (an official exorcist of an occult religious order) -- exorcised simply because of the wording provided by that particular ostensible deity being far too repetitious (continually repeating the same brief sentence) as to cause reasonable suspicion of its being of a praenatural mechanical-electronic recording-replaying device, and not of a veritable living deity -- thereafter, that same ostensible deity returned to speak to the praesent writer from amid the air [cf. the expression "Prince of the Power of the Air"] at a certain location in the house. This location was thus indicated as favorable (in any house having it -- it was an open staircase) for ritual activities, such as sexual activities to invoke deities from the dream-world. That was some decades ago (1970s); but more recently (just a few years ago) at a similar sort of location (this time an enclosed stairwell among floors in a multistoreyed aedifice) in a dream I was hearing music -- this evidently being intended as a clear indication from the dream-world that I ought to set up the loudspeaker of my music-player there, where that sort of deity would like to visit the waking-world in order to listen to music.

Sometimes another supplementary location may be chosen by the commune of the dream-world as appropriate for a particular kind of ritual activity of the sort requiring a particular collective introductory acitivity prior to the sexual ritual. In the praesent writer's case (which may furnish an instance for imitation by others), after being in the dream in the audience (consisting of both males and females) in a room listening to a lecture advocating insurrection for the violent overthrow of the government, when we had exited the lecture-room and were in the hallway there was a membre of the opposite gendre (whom I had apparently never seen before, but) who accosted me and began performing sexual activity on me (while other persons were as yet in the same hallway). Surely, this would be an indication that, in addition to a stairway for regular ritual sexual activity in the waking world in order to set up an ongoing sexual situation in the dreaming-world; that also a hallway could be used for ritual sexual activity in the waking world (for perhaps the same purpose in the dream-world), if only it be adjoining chambres wherein public incitement to violent overthrow of the government is regularly preached to audiences including oneself and the sexual partner of opposite gendre.

[written night of Dec 22nd to Dec 23rd (Satur-Sun) 2012, after awaking after midnight, with the epic music mega mix playing (8-hour, on YouTube), after I had refreshed it after its having expired an episode. Surely the deities responding to my ongoing requaest to them for information (to be instilled so as to arise during the waking-state) on how to induce the arisal of sexual dreaming in a regular and systematic way to as to provide regular sexual contact, during dreaming, with a divine membre of opposite gendre willing to appear in an identifiable way so as to establish an ongoing relationship which will be able to endure beyond death. Then, beyond death, the divine correspondents -- one's divine spouse together with the divine spouse's divine relatives -- could be able to, if not enable postmortem abiding in their own dream-world, then at least for oneself a redincarnation into a material world of the sort which hath an overt and praevalent tradition of inviting possession of the bodies of the waking for ritual sexual intercourse, so as to be able to induce ongoing sexual relations, betwixt mortals and immortals, in dreaming.]