Ideal Sexual Practices to be Engaged-in by Mortals during Visiting into the Dreaming-World

Because the dreaming-world is the major type of divine world (wherein all beings are deities – whether they may appear to be humans, animals, plants, minerals, or whatever – who may at any instant at their own whim shift their color or shape – with the only invariable proviso being that they retain their own inhaerent gendre along with the general shape of beings of that gendre, males remaining male and females remaining female, howsoever they may shift their color, racial type, or body-build), therefore it is the will of the divine denizens of such world to demonstate impressively their superiority to the dreamer (who is a temporary visitor to their world); provided merely that the dreamer demonstrate abject submission to all divine denizens of that dreaming-world by humbly requaesting to be thoroughly humiliated by them.

Therefore, it is the paramount duty of all mortals (viz., of all mortals as are capable of understanding this requisite situation in the dreaming-world) most humbly to requaest (nay, even to demand) to be most grossly humiliated in such fashion as would be most amusedly pleasing to the exalted divine denizens of that divine world. Such humble prayer for one's self to be thoroughly humiliated by all divine beings while visiting the dreaming-world ought to be commenced while in the waking-world, because there in the waking-world one may have a more acute sense of realization of the reality and signification of such abject submission to be made while visiting the dreaming-world – the signification being, of course, that a mortal's after-death fate is largely determined by the degree of sincere abject submission made to all other beings (which the exception, perhaps, of any other mortal fellow-visitors from the waking-world whom one may come across in the dreaming-world) encountred while visiting the dreaming-world : for it would those denizens of the dreaming-world whose recommendations will be acted upon by such deities in the after-death world as have the duty of assigning to another life the dead (i.e., between-lifetimes) mortals who are then under their custody awaiting being assigned to redincarnation into another lifetime.

The most abject submission which mortals may make to immortal deities – in such a manner as to be most pleasantly amusing to the exalted deities – would be for the mortals (while in environs of such music and other artistic manifestation as would be entertaining to the deities who are to be involved in humiliating them) to submit to whatever sexual degradation as would at the moment feel most shockingly humiliating to themselves. But because a mortal will swiftly become inured to, accustomed to, any sort of submission which is initially felt as shocking; therefore in order to maintain in those mortals are are undergoing being sexually humiliated a profound sense of being shockingly degraded by the mighty immortals, it must be necessary continually to shift the praecise details of the passivity of one's being sexually degraded. Both any initial conditions and also the sequence of the passion of being sexually humiliated must be idiosyncratically arranged in accord with that which the deities detect (telepathically) as would be the situation which would be most immediately felt as most humiliating to the mortal. These idiosyncratic feelings may vary mortal by mortal, and moment by moment – frequent circumstances felt most humiliating by mortals in their sexual submission likely involving their having to apply a high body-part (such as lips or tongue) of their own to a low body-part (such as genitalia or buttocks) of the deity of opposite gendre from their own gendre. [Opposite gendres are (almost) always used for such humiliating bodily contacts; for, as is well-known, mortals are largely indifferent to bodily contacts with membres of their own gendre, and become severely emotionally distraught only by humiliating bodily contacts with membres of the opposite gendre. Furthermore, males are more subject to emotional excitation by being tormented (mildly, by being bitten, pinched, etc.) when it is inflicted on themselves by females; whereas females would find it unpleasant to be involved in tormenting another female (knowing that such tormented female would not responding by becoming erotically excited) but would praefer to torment a male. And because torments are to be regularly entailed in ordinary routine sexual humiliation of mortals by immortals, therefore the sexual humiliation (of mortals by immortals) procedure must remain essential heterosexual. Furthermore, because sexual behavior among mortals in the waking-world must needs be engaged in primarily as practice and reminder of what must be submitted to in the dreaming-world, therefore homosexual (male or female) practices would be seldom performed in the waking-world lest useless habits (useless to becoming sexually, i.e. heterosexually, submissive while visiting the dreaming-world) be developed.] Any erotic procedures employed in the waking-world as practice and reminder for sexual submission which is to be willingly undergone in the dreaming-world must be largely descriptive and referential (mental rather than bodily), for the simple reason that one must always while in the dreaming-world passively submit to being sexually humiliated and tormented (and not take to inflicting humiliation or torment on deities, except only in rare symbolic circumstances of a satiric-ironic nature). However, circumstances of a satiric-ironic nature are likely to arising in one's dreaming-experiences before adequately submissive behavior there in the dreaming-world can be ingrained in one's self by habituation : this is because the satiric-ironic circumstances are calculated (by the deities involved in play-acting by them in the dreaming) to admonish gentlely the mortal dreamer that the attitudes which that dreamer thitherto hath been cultivating have been so entirely waking-world-oriented as to be quite useless to any effective application in the divine dreaming-world. For example, anarchist schemes for overthrowing capitalism-controlled governments which dominate this planet in the waking-world, are quite inapplicable to the dreaming-world (which in its controlling mechanism is quite lacking in anything corresponding to scarcity of commodities, to capitalism, to ploutocrateia, to greed, to ill-intended deceitfulness, etc. etc.) – so that (by way of satire-irony) to ridicule the useless inapplicability of anarchist schemes (which are in utter reality quite useless even in the waking-world anyway; for, effectuated by an appropriate understanding (whenever it may be achieved by even a single mortal on this planet) about the true nature of the dreaming-world, an instantaneous response would arise out of the divine dreaming-world (on behalf of the all-important worthiness of that single mortal's realization), which would praecipitate such a divine assault on the capitalism-promoted follies of this planet, that at once the entire ploutokrateia of war-mongers and of crime-mongers would become paralyzed and unable to resist the swift take-over of the planet by such mortals as are proprely obedient to the perfect will of the divine dreaming-world.

To describe what submissive obedience to the divine dreaming-world might entail -- though each dreaming may commence without one's as yet having (sojourning within) a dream-body, yet neverthess one can watch the deity-couples there copulating (as is to be witnessed in the divine world, as described, e.g., in the Guhya-samaja Tantra) : this is intended to advise the dreamer that the dreamer is about to be expected to perform sexually all the while that the dreamer is afforded (by courtesy of dream-deities) a dream-body to occupy in the dreaming-world. As soon as one is in a dream-body there, one must immediately apply one's lips to the genitalia of whomever of opposite gendre as may be available, while thinking thoughts of thankfulness (which will be telepathically heard by approving deities) for having such an opportunity available to demonstrate willful submission to the divine – and, of course, along with that thought, also thoughts of what a mighty reward one is to receive both (after death) in the way of favorable redincarnation, and also (while living) in the way of violent overthrow (whenever one and/or others have made adequate submission to the dreaming-world) of the capitalism-dominated governments on one's planet in the waking-world.

It is to be expected that the humiliating submission to the dreaming-world of divine beings cannot be regarded (by them, or even by one's own mind) as adequate until it is made to at least one opposite-gendre-membre repraesentative of each and every human race/nationality, and even (perhaps) of each and every intelligent-species type throughout the universe – the latter would include not only a wide variety of diverse humanoids, but also (perhaps) human-beast composites. And, of course (since all these are divine shape-shifters) a sequence of shape-shifting amongst various humanoid (etc.) types could be expected, even while one is involved in one's passion of being sexually humiliated. That is, while one's lips (and/or tongue) are applied to the genitalia of a membre of the opposite gendre, that opposite-gendre entity may continually shift body-color, racial type, body-build-type, humanoid type, etc.; in order to allow one's self to be making continual submission to various types without the inconvenience of any interruption (though if one would feel more proprely humiliated by such interruptions, then they will occur), which interruptions would consist in one's applying one's lips to the genitalia of one entity of opposite gendre after another, in a long queue (of dozens and hundreds). It could well be expected that one's self would be kneeling to apply one's lips to genitalia, if the entity of opposite gendre be standing or lying a table with stirrups; but one would be standing if the entity of opposite gendre be standing on a low table or be lying on a tall table with stirrups.

At some time (such as during orgasm of the opposite-gendre entity whom one is sucking the genitalia of), the body of such entity may assume manifest divine characteristics, such as becoming transparent, luminous, glittering or glistening, and surrounded with aura and/or aureole. And/or there may be transmission to one's self (the dreamer) of praeternatural abilities, such as hearing the thoughts of deities praesent; astral projection (even within the dream-world), remote viewing (even while one is in in the dream-world), etc. – any or all of which may persist into the waking-world. [It will be of practical use to spy into the waking-world on malificent (war-promoting and crime-promoting) membres of the ploutokrateia, in order to direct deities in their applying (or directing mortal psychics in applying) paralyzing effect to such ruling-class evil-doers; in order to praepare for seizure of the governments by divine and by otherworldly (vimana, etc.) forces emerging out of sea and out of sky.]

{It may be observed by the reader than the author of this manner of essay is largely specialized into being a theoretician of means for overthrow of unworthy governments – and that a theoretician as such whose qualifications are largely literary, is hardly qualified to institute the actual stambhana (paralysis) on the human monstres operating those governments; which paralysis is necesssary in order to effectuate the take-over. That must be performed by adepts in astral-projection (especially by those who through their projectiology are able from a higher subtle plane as walk-ins to occupy the living bodies of maleficent ploutokrat delinquents) – for the stambhana is similar to the telekinesis accomplished by such adepts, as well as to lethiferous guiding into bardo-realms. Dreamwalkers must organize this conspiracy, launched out of their mutual dreaming-world.}

[written Febr 21st Thur 2013, after for several days taking notes from a book (Voudon Gnostic Wookbook) advocating erotic behavior as a major means of pleasing supernatural deities; and after hearing (from a female, and noticing how shocked she seemed in mentioning it) the day before (Febr 20th ) about a female university-student's having been sexually violated on the university campus. The literary nature of such (the book and the university, which is likewise involved with literature and books) was apparently enough to stimulate a mood for writing this essay.]