Alteration of the Oikonomic-Political Social System through means of

Erotic Dreaming which is arranged by means of practice of

Sexual Techniques metaphysically contemplated (and thus set up to become divinely mediated in transcendent Planes-of-Existence) while awake

The difficulty in remembring to execute the oikonomic-political manoeuvre necessary in the dreaming-universe in order to accomplish the definitive overthrow of capitalism (on some particular planet) in the waking-uinverse is to be obviated by means of metaphysical contemplation (largely to be performed while awake) of the function of erotic activities in the structuring of alliances to be organized within the dreaming-universe by residents of the waking-uinverse in the insurrection to be projected through divine archetypes operating in linkages between (and among) the subplanes (of the planes-of-existence).

This method for such structuring of alliances for readiness and ease in passage of such transcendental allies through the linkages among subplanes may be considered as (paralleling and partially analogous with) the alliances orginated and maintained in the waking-universe's material plane by ruling classes; which alliances are likewise set up through marriages among ruling-class dynasties (typically bounded by some social conventions such as purported religious denomination -- so that in Europe Protestant ruling-class families tend to intermarry, Roman Catholic ruling-class families tend to intermarry, Eastern Orthodox ruling-class families tend to intermarry, etc. -- and despite the sheer hypocrisies of de-facto ruling-class belief-systems, the purported-and-fictive beliefs have thus some political effect).

The feasibility of structuring parallel (to material-world dynastic ruling families) alliances by mortals in the dreaming-universe of subtle-bodied immortals is very much dependent on paralleling adequate mock-ups of the marriage-rites of ruling-class (especially landed-nobility types with stability since at least the Renaissance) : and because such ruling-class marriage-rites involve masques (with ante-masques), with animal-masked nobles and their surrogates matching the more elaborate of the shamanistic rites (replete during such masque-rites with ritual music and other such pageantry, thus closely matching the full shamanic versions of spirit-mediumship), it is pertinent to consider the relations with composite-animal personages encountred (as spirit-guides) in ayahuasca-assisted dreaming, etc. [This is to be done in order to determine the lines of authority in (and subtly projected outwards from) the dreaming-universe being employed by ruling-class noble families in maintaining their grip on governance of subjugated social classes.]

It is evident that the composite-animal spirit-guides dominating such realms of the dreaming-universe are similar in type to the composite-species results of interspecies breeding-programs undertaken with persons abducted aboard the flying saucers; and it may further be deduced that such are extended by interbred plant-animal (including fungus-animal) divine entities who may promote further extensions of alliance to further realms of organic (and of inorganic) life-forms, as may be assistful in attaining sufficient scope of alliances necessary to compraehend the human ruling-class alliances (with intent to encompass and thus overrule the latter, in proceedings to be filed in dreaming-universe courts-of-law-and-of aequity).

Distinctions in some details concerning the nature of dynastic marriage-alliances may be noted. Because in the subtle-plane worlds, subtle bodies (such as, dream-bodies) to be occupied by visiting mortals are not basically generated sexually, therefore there would therein be lacking a provision that a marriage might be annulled for lack of "consummation" -- and for that reason a marriage (between a visiting mortal and a resident divinity) may be considered as valid (and effectively binding) even in the absence of anything of the nature of what mortals might regard as appropriate "consummation"; spoken words there would instead be considered more pertinent to validity of marriage-contract than any bodily contact, and such spoken words might be taken as implying tacit consent by relatives. [Family-relationships ("consanguinity") would tend to be (in praetenatural worlds) considered as based on similarities of abilities (and not on derivation of bodies, which could be irrelevant and insignificant, as well as fluctuating and alternable).]

Similarities of abilities and of interests could also determine choice for marital alliances; so that, a mortal would be likely to be selected for marriage with an immortal on the basis of interest (knowledge and understanding of symbolism) in theology and related topics.

One's human spouse would be expected to be of assistance in maintaining favorable relations with one's divine spouse; thus, by way of co-operation, in human couples, each spouse would be expected to assist the other in this regard. This could function more easily if, in human couples, spouses' interests be closely similar or closely complementary.

The same sort of concommitants to sexual activities as are deemed apposite in the waking-world -- music, perfumes, etc. -- might be regarded as making for favorable marital relations in the dreaming-world, and for serving as an enhancement to draw into other intended involvement (namely, into any scheme to abolish capitalism in the waking-world) not only one's supernatural spouse, but also that spouse's relatives, affines, and further social contacts, such as in secret societies, etc. in that divine world. The fact that music and perfumes attract divine beings when combined with invocation, is well-known to spirit-mediumship involving lua (loa), jnun, etc.; so that these ought to be used at a dedicated site, proprely embellished with pictorial and statuary art of occult significance. Howbeit, the most appropriate venue for attracting divinities of such categories as are interested in altering oikonomic-political social structure would be, most evidently, centres of legislative government, such as the senate room (when not in session but open to visitors) : there (where music and scents could hardly be used lest they offend), some unobtrusive symbolic devices might serve, such as occult picture-books, sigils, etc.

Cathedrals might be useful for their cemeteries, to be visited at midnights. There at night, in absence of other persons, not only could some music and perfumes be used, but a couple (while behind a large tomb) can even engage in sexual activity. [Before, during, and after any sexual activity, fitting invocation of deity-couples who are commonly depicted in kaula/tantrik art as engaged in sexual intercourse, ought be uttered. Such invocation may include summoning them to enter the human couple' bodies, inviting them to enjoy themselves within the human bodies by participating in any sexual activity, and dismissing them afterwards with the suggestion to inform other deities about such activies by mortal devotees.] Such can be retained in remembrance afterwards in regard to requaests (from dream-deities) for dreams capable of producing an effect in the oikonomic-political waking-universe.

Dreams to be requaested may proceed thus : Whether a "wake-induced lucid dream" or a lucid dream achieved by, developed out of, a "false awakening", one may seek and find guidance and transportation to, and entry into, either of a flying saucer, a flying castle, or a grounded palace, which would be hoped to be iridescent or at least transparent/transpicuous with lustrous furniture and/or glittery walkways. Therein a sexual orgy may be in progress among kaula deities (male vira-s, female d.akini-s, or whomever) amid music, perfume, etc. Their bodies may already be, or else become, luminous, or transparent, or whatever. Soon such couples (or oneself, or whoever) may soar aloft (perhaps over any aedifices), surveilling from on high. Travelling at great speed to other countries may be in order, looking down on them (or at first seeing maps of them). Future history of the planet (or of particular nations) may be disclosed. {Some of these features have been elements of my own dreams, years and decades ago.}

[written October 14th 2014]