Why Beings Descended to the Material Plane-of-Existence from Higher Planes-of-Existence

[This scheme is merely an alternative, or rather a supplement, to the scheme ascribing such descent (to the material plane from higher planes) of beings to an altruistic wish to redeem and to rescue the material plane-of-existence, a scheme which is largely African. This scheme of ours is more akin to Gnostic schemes describing incursion of beings from the divine world to the material world as being the result of some sexual action in the divine world.]

The descent might be praedicated on praevalence in higher planes-of-existence of strict rules restricting sexual intercourse modes to certain patterns according to relationships among spouse’s affines and spouse’s consanguine relatives; coupled with a separation of persons involved in such relationships due to emigrations away to distant worlds. In such case, satisfaction of the thusly-unfulfilled sexual intercourse modes could be achieved most readily by further emigrations away to the material plane-of-existence, where no such strict rules restricting sexual intercourse modes would be praevalent.

Of course, a more suitable resolution (than immigration to the material plane-of-existence) to the difficulty (which had been generated by the emigrations away to distant worlds) would have been to have returned to the original homeland where persons of the permissible relationships would have been readily available; but in the circumstance wherein the return route had been forgotten, or had been hidden by organizers of the emigrations out of the homeland, then the way into the material plane-of-existence might be the only route readily knowable to the dissatisfied persons seeking some improved conditions of availabilities of sexual partners for the desired sexual intercourse modes.

The circumstance that practice of such unavailable sexual intercourse modes might be desired could easily be due to expectation and requirement (of fulfillment of such sexual intercourse modes on the part of beings under their jurisdiction) imposed by powerful deities on still loftier planes-of-existence, powerful deities who might not accept the excuse of the non-availability of persons with whom sexual intercourse modes could be practiced. The sanctions (potential poinalties) might include such drastic measures that emigration from regions wherein such sexual intercourse modes were unavailable to regions wherein the modes were available might be the only feasible option.

The restrictions on sexual intercourse modes could involve permitting only certain sexual activities with one’s spouse, other sexual activities with that spouse’s siblings of the same gendre as that spouse, still other sexual activities with that spouse’s siblings of the opposite gendre’s spouses, etc.

Furthermore, the details of these restrictions might vary according to the various planes-of-existence, and/or the various subplanes-of-existence.

In like manner as sexual activities, any other activities (whether concurrent with the sexual activities or separately) could be involved (in restrictions entailed as the result of an emigration, with resultant decision to move to the material plane) instead. Again, the details might vary according to the various planes-of-existence, and/or the various subplanes-of-existence.

It may be remarked that in any such scheme there would be a continuous turnover of the particular beings stationed on the material plane-of-existence at any specific time : some beings managing to return to the higher planes-of-existence (after realizing that the material plane is no place to linger on), while new arrivals were concurrently coming in. As such, there is no ending-time (just as there is no beginning-time) for the process as a whole; just as there is no ending-time nor beginning-time for the existence of the material plane-of-existence itself, its duration being perpetual.

[written May 20, 2011]