Sexual (Genital) to Architecture/Gunnery Parallelism

Castle = female genital accoutrements & female genitalia

Castle architecture

Genital accoutrements and/or anatomy

Moat of castle

Menstrual blood

Drawbridge with chains for lifting it up

Vaginal tampon with string for pulling it out

Portcullis with spaces in grid

Virginal fourchette with opening(s) in it

Gate to castle

Cervical cap to hindre impraegnation

Keyhole (if any) in gate

Meatus of cervix of uterus

Interior yard of castle

Uterus (womb)

Hall-corridor into keep of castle

Fallopian tubes

Keep of castle


Cistern in castle


Well in castle


Cathedral (or chapel of castle); cannon = female genital functioning & female genitalia

Chapel/cathedral architecture

Genital functioning & genitalia



Ringing of bell

Female orgasm

Helical staircase in bell-tower

Indicative of similarity of helically interiorly-rifled gun-barrel with woman's vagina

Cannon's (or musket's) being used = female's vagina being used by male

Cannon with its equipment

Vagina entred by penis

Ramrod inserted into cannon

Penis inserted into vagina

Explosive black gunpowder

Semen virile

Pad betwixt gunpowder and cannonball

Caul covering embryo



Detonation of gunpowder


[Written Dec 29th Satur 2012]