Woman attired (i.e., with artificial wings) as Faerie is ritually engaged in sexual intercourse with man - Internet VIDEOS found by Bing search-engine.

{It can be expected that when actual divine entities (who may, while usually invisible to persons lacking praeternatural power of vision -- such power being inhaerent in the divine entities themselves , and by proxy allowed to humans while those humans' mortal bodies are occupied or overshadowed by the divine entities -- be observing the behaviour of select mortals) view humans attired in costumes so as to simulate the guises of divine beings, they are flattered by such evidence of piety, and are eager therefore to grant such mortals abundant favours. Especially redounding to delight of supernatural entities, and abounding in benefits to mortals, are acts of sexual intercourse while attired as if they were divine entities : it may be suggested that, in order to attract and to hold the attention of the divine entities, traditional religious music (instrumental and/or vocal) ought to be kept playing (by mechanical/electronic device, such as via computer from the Internet, if desired and feasible), that tactical vibration (e.g., by bass-shaker in conjunction with the music) be enployed, that traditional perfume and/or incense be kept in use, that spiced candied be tasted, etc. -- while the sexual intercourse is being performed. The site for the rite ought to be picturesque and/or ornately decorated. The rite (similarly as any other religious rite) should be commenced with an invocation addressed to deities, and ought to be closed with a dismissal of the deities.}