Cosmic Significance of Erotics

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p. 104 ""What is Truth?" Knowing that ... answer, "... through a Voodoo ceremony in which the Mambo, that is the priestess, ... asked this question ritualistically ... replies ... by thowing back her veil and revealing her sex organs. The ceremony means that ... There is no mystery beyond the mysterious source of life." The priestess ... "... discards six veils ... falls ... naked, and spiritually intoxicated. ... It is considered the highest honor for all males participating to kiss her organ of creation" (Tell My Horse, 113-14)."

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p. 103 Palau : “When the god Irakaderugel {cf. name of Yoruba god /IRoKo/?} and his wife were in the act of creating man (he made man and she made woman) and were working on the genitalia, the god wanted to see the work of his companion.”

p. 123 New Britain : “On certain nights a drum is beaten, all the prostitutes run into the wood and are there chased, caught and had by the young men. This is called lu-lu”. {cf. Peruvian festival of men pursuing fleeing naked women through an orchard, therein catching and having sexual intercourse with them}

p. 289 "Cunnilingus is very wide-spread among all primitive peoples and from Kubary's reports on the Sonsolans, it can be seen that even the children are already prepared for this ... . The same is probably true of coitus in os. Coitus inter mammas has been demonstrated in a great number of Australian tribes, especially among the Central Australians.”

p. 295 “Among many Polynesian peoples there exists the custom of blood brotherhood, which ties two men with an intimate bond for life and also includes ... the community of wives. ... Such affined brotherhoods were also concluded with whites ... . If for some reason the white man refused the wife of his blood brother, the latter was vexed and insulted. In the Marquesas it was compulsory for the host to offer his wife to the guest friend. Captain Cook and his crew already found this custom in New Guinea, Williams among the Fiji Islanders and Girgham in the Admiralty Islands.”