Erotic Dreaming

Erotic dreaming could be (just as much as waking erotic activities) accompanied by (in the dream-world) music (vocal and/or instrumental), by perfume/incense, and by visual displays (by daylight : photographs; by night : projected-slides, cinemata, revolving colored lights, and/or flashing colored lights).

Furthermore, erotic dreaming could be performed in settings not usual in the waking world : in a flying ae:roplane or dirigible balloon, atop a tall aedifice or mountain, etc. Also, erotic activities in public view may be more feasible in dreams than in waking-life.

Whatever such ornate or exotic dreaming-circumstances may be, to be engaged in erotic activity at that time could prove meaningful, for the circumstances could be of utility in establishing an on-going (long-lasting) erotic relationship in the dream-world, which otherwise usually will fail to establish itself simply due to lack of emphatic surrounding circumstances. If an erotic encountre with a dream-person of opposite gendre hath failed to be continuated in subsequent dreams, then it may be that the surrounding circumstances were not sufficiently memorable; for, inadequate circumstances could be deemed (by that dream-person of opposite gendre) likely productive of future inadequacies, and therefore not to be continued.

Among ways of making more likely that ornate or exotic dreaming-circumstances will be praesent especially in erotic dreaming, could be : writing and promulgating by publishing (such as, on the internet) such a wish, telling other persons this (either singly, or in public meetings), or saying it aloud in solitude (whether in one's abode, at some historic, governmental, or pilgrimage-site) or to one or more plants or animals in the waking world. Of course, to say (or even to think of) this in a dream might achieve results; and to enable one's self to say or think of this during dreaming might be accomplished by writing about, or talking about, this wish while awake.

During dreams, one's erotic activities need not be restricted to other human-bodied beings : because animals, plants, and (it is said) even apparently inanimate objects may talk to one during dreams, so that they can be regarded as disguised persons who reside there in the dream-world in incognito forms. (And, for that matter, even in the waking-world, intelligent spirits may accompany ordinary animals and ordinary plants.)

Dream-animals may state that they are spirits which have custody of animals of the same species in the waking-world. Therefore, to have sexual intercourse with animals (of opposite gendre from one's own) of those types could result in the aequivalent of a matrimonial alliance involving spirits of that sort -- the particular advantage to this situation is that, because as animals they will not expect music, nor perfume/incense, nor an ornate mansion, they will not be skitterish of sexual contacts nor even more skitterish of introducing one's self to their relatives in the dream-world; unlike how anthropoid beings in dreams will be.

In order to provide one's self with the possibility of thinking of doing this (having sexual intercourse with some animal of opposite gendre in the dream-world), one could write and publish about this, talk about the desiderability of it, etc.