Transcendent Sex, 7-9


7. (pp. 131-58) "Revealed Truths : Falling into Past Lives".

p. 135 bubble

"he and his girlfriend created a vehicle in time he likened to a fairy bubble : ... Erotic play would generate the bubble."

pp. 135-6 pray to stop

p. 135

"Joshua, in the Old Testament, prays to stop time".

{N.B. In this tale, it was the sun and the moon, not time itself, whose motion was halted.}

p. 136

"Sun, stand thou still ...; and thou, Moon".

p. 155 woman to be rescued from being crucified

"Near orgasm with a woman he had picked up ..., he suddenly had a vision of her crucified ... .

{In like manner, when Sumerian goddess In-anna was crucified in the hell-realm, she was rescued by her husband Dumu-zi.}

[m] "... It felt to me like she was in a hell realm, and she was stuck there, wanting me to save her.""


8. (pp. 159-79) "Being in Nothingness : Sex & Nirvan.a".

p. 162 Kena, 3

"There the eye goes not,

Speech goes not,

nor the mind.

We know not, we understand not How one would reach it."

p. 162 Bhagavat Gita, 9:16

"I am the ritual and the sacrifice;

I am the medicine and the mantrum.

I am the offering and the fire which consumes it, and he to whom it is offered."

p. 163 Thunder, the Perfect Mind 19:9-15a

I am "control and the uncontrollable.

I am the union and the dissolution. ...

I am the one below, And they come up to me."

p. 163 Gospel according to Thomas 37:24a-35

"when you make the inside like the outside and

the outside like the inside, and

the above like the below, and

{cf. the Emerald Tablet}

when you make the male and the female one and the same, ...

then you will enter".

pp. 165-6 an instance of transcendence during sexual intercourse

p. 165

[f] "And then there was this tremendous nothingness and everythingness. ... The completeness of the nothingness was enormous. ...

p. 166

I was laughing ... at ... the freedom of it, a large joyousness ... . ... A cosmic gratefulness."

p. 169 [f] imparticularity about sexual partner

"I lose track of who[m] Iím with ... sleep with, but when this happens, it doesnít really matter who it is."

p. 170 Br.had Aranyaka, III:4:2

"You cannot see the seer of sight,

You cannot hear the hearer of hearing,

Nor perceive the perceiver of perception,

Nor know the knower of knowledge."

p. 170 Mundaka, I:2:2

"The shining Self dwells hidden in the heart.

Everything in the cosmos, great and small,

Lives in the Self ... the source of life,

Truth beyond the transience of this world."

p. 171 lost in luminance

[f] "Everything in the room was suddenly lost in a bright, white light. ...

I was not separate from everything ... .

The "spaces" in-between were as alive and full as the "objects."

We were all not-same, not-different. ...

It was all part of me, and I was all of it, just the is-ness."

p. 173 seeing-through

[m] "everythingís connected. ... Itís very real from one standpoint, but at the same time you can see straight through it."

p. 173 according to Meister Eckart (quoted Huxley 1945, p. 189)

"Time is what keeps the light [enlightenment] from reaching us. There is no greater obstacle to [realization] than time. And not only time but temporalities; ... the very taint and smell of time."

Huxley 1945 = A. Huxley : The Perennial Philosophy. NY : Harper.

pp. 175-6 Vortex / Still-Point, during "sexual episodes"

p. 175

[f] "I was inside a Vortex where there was no sense of you/me/other. At the same time there was an almost overwhelming feeling of love toward the other person involved. While in the Vortex or Still-Point {cf. eye/centre of hurricane}, I was aware of a silent question being asked; ... although I have no idea what the question was Ė but I also knew of no other answer, except yes!

... the boundaries are completely dissolved, and there is no longer any "you" or "I" but simply this. Then the "this" becomes love/compassion not only for the other person, but for something ... comes up from the depths so that there is only one word to describe it : yes! But this "yes" that comes up from the deepest depths is a "yes" to the entire universe, to a point where ... one is dissolved into the God/Numinous/Universe. ... .

p. 176

... we can return to a state of bliss through a sexual experience".

pp. 178-9 being changed

p. 178

[f] "You are changed but in a good way; your other relationships are enhanced ... by tolerance for others who are not so knowing ... and great compassion.

The impact of such an experience is immense : the worldís colors, sounds, smells are very intense, especially afterward, and Iíve gotten to a point that I can "become" a tree, a cloud, a lovely smell, in the same sense in which I experience lovemaking; they are no longer separate in my daily routine.

Matter is viewed in a different light; it "feels" ... that youíve seen the light piercing through, crating the rainbow colors. The light is sometimes named God ... and the rainbow colors represent matter. Knowing on a deep level that ... everything is dependent on everything else, that there is nothing that exists independent of something else. ...

p. 179

When you know, really know, that youíre not separate from anything, that everything is You, life can be nothing but beautiful and good. There is this still point that you never lose sight of where you know beyond any doubt ... that life is good no matter what is happening. This kind of experience during love shows you that."


9. (pp. 180-99) "Divine Union : One with God".

p. 180 communion with All-That-Is

[f] "Youíre just shot into the white light. ... The white light is communion. ... Itís home, that deep sense of connection with a purity".

[f] "At that moment the universe was revealing itself, and all the secrets are there. Theyíre not intellectually revealed but just known. Because we were expanding through everything. And in all of that is contained all experience, and all knowledge about experience. So weíre all-knowing. ... Weíre the universe, and there is this incredible peaceful quality ... . And itís here all the time. ... We really are All that Is."

pp. 182-4 surrender to the Infinite : falling into luminance

p. 182

[m] "Making love in this way is ... a bottomless surrender to the Infinite. Itís the most perfect feeling I can imagine. It isnít just a kind of awareness, but an ecstasy, a feeling state suffused with joy, rapture. ...

p. 183

Thereís no sense of me and other in this experience. ... You are aware of more of what you are, and you open yourself to it, and you are it at the same time. ...

p. 184

But thereís a predominance of transcendental feeling, ... as in the ecstatic traditions ... . ... . ... itís a kind of awareness suffused with feeling, joy, rapture. ... Itís a feeling of opening to the Divine, feeling its Being. ... Thereís no sense of me and other in this kind of experience.

I break apart, where I fall into the Light ... merged into the fires of God like a planet plunging into the furnace of the sun."

pp. 185-6 disappearance of self

p. 185

[m] "I felt myself disappear. It was like nothingness ... . ... My sense of body was gone, completely absent. Thereís a point at which I wasnít."


"saints ... stress the transcendence of thought, space, and time in unio mystica, just as ... mystics do." (Armstrong 1993, p. 218)

Armstrong 1993 = K. Armstrong : A History of God. NY : Knopf/Ballentine.


[St. John of the Cross (quoted in Huxley 1945, p. 129)] "All that the imagination can imagine and the reason can conceive and understand in this life is not, and

p. 186

cannot be, a proximate means of union with God."

p. 186 disappearance of boundaries

[f] "The boundaries definitely disappear. Itís a very boundaryless time, and then comes the Light."

(According to authoress, this is the sequence of ma<rifa and then fana>.)

p. 187 unity with godhead

[Meister Eckart (quoted Huxley 1945, p. 12), "sounding very much like the Upanishads"] "The knower and the known are one. ... God and I, we are one in knowledge."

[Gospel according to Philip 53:14a] "Thus one who hears the word "God" does not perceive what is correct, but perceives what is incorrect."

pp. 187-8 stopping time {called, by Carlos Castan~eda, "stopping the world"}

p. 187

"the Eternal Now ... is called the nunc stans, as opposed to passing or streaming time, the nunc fluens."

{These two varieties of time are distinguished in neo-Platonism, as well as in Zrvanism.}


[f] "But the only time I really get to see It is when I can stop time. ... But itís right here and now. ... this kind of sex ... can stop time."

p. 188

"S[.]ufi adepts, for instance, are known as "the sons of the present moment.""


[quoted from Caussade (1975/1861, p. 41)] "The present moment is always overflowing with immeasurable riches, far more than you are able to hold."

Caussade 1975/1861 = J-P de Caussade (transl. by J. Beevers) : Abandonment to Divine Providence.

pp. 188-9 becoming the godhead

p. 188

[>abu Yazid Bistami (quoted in Armstrong 1993, p. p. 226)] "I gazed upon [>al-Lah] with the eye of truth and said ... : "Who is this?" [God said :] "This is neither I nor other than I.

p. 189

There is no God but I."

[Then I was changed "out of my identity" into Godís "Selfhood", whereupon God said :] "I am through Thee; there is no god but Thou.""


[Galatians 2:20] "I live, yet not I, but Christ in me".

p. 193 [f] divine illumination during a lesbian sexual episode

"And then there was this engulfing white Light. ... I didnít have any cognitive processing while the white Light was present. ... That was all I was aware of, and this incredible sense of compassion and love. It was just that Light, and this overwhelming feeling of love and compassion and coming into myself and going beyond myself at the same time. ... There was an experience of the actual radiation of the Light, the energy of that going out and flowing out, and I was very aware of being that sensation."


Jenny Wade : Transcendent Sex : When Lovemaking Opens the Veil. Paraview Bks, NY, 2004.

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