Transcendent Sex, 10-13.


10. (pp. 203-34) "The Dark Side of Transcendent Sex".

pp. 206, 208-9

p. 206

"the rapture generated by transcendent sex ... becomes very spiritual, the spiritual quest."

p. 208

"Individuals whose sexual fields are so strong that they invite transcendent experiences in others" : a woman of this nature "was being sought for the experiences she produced in others. ... [However,]


If her lovers were unable to go with her into transcendent realms ..., she held back in order not to endanger them. ...

{They would be "unable to go" if they were too impious to be admitted into those "realms" by the deities guarding those realmsí it that case the exposure of their impiety could "endanger" them by making them liable to punishment (for their impiety) by such guardian-deities.}


She didnít want to have relationships based on the altered states she could provide for her partners".

p. 209

"A partner may come to be associated with altered-state "highs" and ecstatic feelings, creating the potential for ... extremely strong power".

pp. 225-6 spiritual sensitives

p. 225

"people who are considered "spiritual sensitives" ... comprises individuals who have had difficulty most of their lives in screening out awareness of othersí psyches


[p. 302, n. 10:4 : "In a condition well documented as "thin boundaries" (Hartmann, 1991)."],

Ernst Hartmann : Boundaries in the Mind. NY : BasicBooks.


and those whose sensitivity is adventitious, such as the result of near-death experiences."

p. 226

"When he was in this exalted state, he could "see the mystic picture of the world from everybodyís perspective I knew," including those of his lovers. This enabled him to have transcendent sex."


11. (pp. 235-52) "Facilitating Transcendent Sex".

pp. 246-7 circumstances praedisposing to sexual ecstasy

p. 246

"Several individuals have had their only, or most moving, altered-state sex just after a physical or emotional crisis. ... Others had extraordinary episodes in the wake of great personal loss, such as the death of a loved one, when they were emotionally exhausted".

p. 247

"Sex experts suggest creating a sacred space using candles, incense, draped fabrics, and the like ..., elaborately decorating a "love pad" ... exclusively for sex."

pp. 248-50 erotic techniques

p. 248

"Many lovers found it easier to ... heighten their sensitivity through ritual ... . Some ...

brought special perfumes ...;

selected special music for ... lovemaking; ...

offered favorite foods;

surrounded themselves with candles and flowers; or

touched each other with ... feathers or furs."


"Protracted, deep kissing. or repetitive stroking ... focuses a relaxed kind of attention on ... the "flow" of the experience."

p. 249

"The ability to become absorbed in the experience is critical in transcendent sex. [p. 302, n. 11:3 : "Scantling and Browder [: Ordinary Women, Extraordinary Sex] identified different clusters of absorption they associate with the ability to have what they call "supersex" (1993)."]

Certain people can become absorbed into touch, but

others may lose themselves in sounds, music, or perhaps their own or their loverís vocalization.

Still others may become lost in ... the play of flickering candlelight against the darkness ..., or

visions that arise in their minds."

p. 250

"Itís abut getting lost in the process of making love and forgetting about any possible goal. Just as the practice of meditation is a path that is spoiled by grasping for a goal, so is transcendent sex."


"High levels of arousal and repetitive stimuli during sex bring about altered states just as they do in spiritual practices such as trance dancing."


[f] "You have to be pretty excited, in a high-passion connection. ... You have to be physically excited and mentally engaged."

pp. 250-1 afterwards

p. 250

"Many people found that their transcendent states, especially out-of-body and past-

p. 251

life experiences, actually began when they were relaxed but exhausted after orgasm."


12. (pp. 253-61) "Lovemaking and the Spiritual Path".

p. 256 supremacy of sexual ecstasy over mere meditation

"the intentional sexual paths, such as Taoism and Tantra, do indeed exist and have for centuries. In that respect, yet, transcendent sex is ... a spiritual path for those looking for a discipline. ... Transcendent sex unifies all the dimensions of human experience. ... itís

[m] "way more intense than anything life meditation ... as a spiritual experience." ...

[m] "Sex felt like six different meditation practices all ... happening at the same time ... in an integral, transformative practice.""

pp. 257-9 transformative effect of sexual ecstasy

p. 257

"the fruits of transcendent sex can surely be stacked against those of sanctioned spiritual avenues. They are also almost an exact parallel for the transformative effects of near-death experiences.

The [formerly] most skeptical materialists in my study said their understanding had changed as a result as a result of these experiences; they could now appreciate that reality was far more mysterious and

p. 258

beautiful than they had previously comprehended. Many said their new knowledge had transformed their lives ... . ...

Some realized ... gifts of mental clarity or presence. Others acquired paranormal abilities to sense subtle energies, perform healing interventions, or access extrasensory forms of knowledge. ... People made these changes often in the face of great resistance because their new values and behaviors disrupted culturally supported lifestyles ... .

Experiencers now felt filled with a greater capacity for love, ... often including humanity at large as they began to be less critical, more accepting of the flaws and foibles of others. They became more self-accepting and full of compassion for humankind as a whole. At the same time, this opening to love tended to make people revere sex all the more ... . ... The sacralization of sex itself healed".

p. 259

[m] "There is a poem or song in Venezuela that was very inspiring for me about a farmer talking with a priest, and saying, "Well, Father, ... I think the skies are in the eyes of [my lover] and every night after I pray my Hail Mary,


I find God in [her] womb."

{Many Vajra-yana tantra-s commence with the words, "The Tathagata was dwelling in the vagina of the goddess".}

{N.B. If a defrocked ex-Jesuit-priest found Vajra-yana tantra-s "very inspiring" (p. 259), he ought to be a Vajra-yana guru.}

p. 259 conversion-experience

"And. finally, transcendent sex can pack so much transformational power that it becomes a "conversion" experience that reorients everything in a personís life. It convinces [quondam] atheists and [quondam] agnostics that Spirit is real".

pp. 260-1 "force and power" : divinity of the self

p. 260

"Thereís no question Spirit can visit us with more force and power through sex than perhaps through any other venue. ... Lovers, like other aspirants and near-death experiencers, understand the world in a different way and are transformed by that understanding ... . ...


How would we live if we believed our bodies and the life-celebrating and potentially

{This is the message of tantra.}

p. 261

life-creating act of sex were the way?


If we believed embodiment was no different from Spirit? ...

{Samsara is no different from nirvan.a, say the vaipulya sutra-s.}


Transcendent sex is just that : going beyond the bodies that encapsulate our separate selves, our senses, our egos, our climaxes, ... but without leaving those bodies behind. They become the vehicles for a grace that transfigures all of the human condition."


[m] "Transcendent sex gives you a glimpse of the Divine always present in all of us. ... You open yourself to God, and you find that you are divine at the same time."


[13.] (pp. 263-85) "Appendix : Research Study".

[13.3] (pp. 272-8) ""Varieties of Transcendent Sexual Experience".

pp. 273-4 the 3rd

p. 273

"An experience of the Third is defined ... by Jungian analyst John H. Haule.

J. R. Haule : Divine Madness. Boston : Shambhala, 1990.


It is a felt sense of an autonomous, invisible, impersonal field or force that seems to exist between two lovers ..., and cannot be reduced to them or to their relationship. It seems to exhibit its own transpersonal intelligence. ...

p. 274

The sense of the Third was variously described as a nameable entity". {i.e., a known deity, praesumably one presiding over matrimonial relations}

p. 274 past lives

"people ... felt they were transported back in time and space as other individuals in past-life experiences. They seemed to "see" or experience themselves moving through scenes belonging to previous eras and different locations."

p. 274 out-of-body

"OBEs involve ... having the personal sense of self and agency leave the spatial confines of the body ... . People in fact are startled to find themselves outside their bodies. Displacement ... is discerned through a realistic change in visual vantage point to a location outside, and usually above[,] the body. ... participants ... experienced leaving their bodies, most often after coitus."

p. 275 visions

"Visions usually consisted of other beings appearing in the room located at a distance from the partner (and thus distinct from trespasso). ... . ... persons saw human or supernatural imagery".

p. 276 unio mystica

"Unio mystica ... is a formless, dimensionless, infinite awareness typically suffused with light and ecstatic bliss".

p. 276 shapeshifting

"Shapeshifting .... refers to a form of possession, in which individuals in the here and now have ... their ... ego ... taken over by another, typically an animal, but sometimes a plant. ... the body itself is also experienced as changing in form, sensation, and appearance."

{Could this appear to be a variety of dream of false-awakening?}

p. 277 magical connections to nature

"Plants and animals are experienced as having their own intelligence, which can now be entrained with that of the participant.

{This is commonly experienced among, e.g., Amerindians during vision-quaests.}

Natural forces, especially the earth, may be perceived to be animate."

p. 277 trespasso

"trespasso, an involuntary, here-and-now vision of another head, or a succession of heads (usually but not always human) superimposed on the loverís head."


Jenny Wade : Transcendent Sex : When Lovemaking Opens the Veil. Paraview Bks, NY, 2004.

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