Transcendent Sex, 0-3

[bracketed "m" or "f" is the gendre of the informant or interlocutor]








Foreward, by Ken Wilber







Discovering Transcendent Sex



Magical Mystery Tour


Fireworks, Energy, and Light



The Good Gods and Grace



Supernatural Connections



Loosening the Boundaries of Reality


Many Faces of Love



By Love Possessed



Breaking Away



Shattering of the Vessels


Falling into Past Lives



Sex & Nirvan.a



Divine Union



Using Knowledge of Transcendent Sex


Dark Side








Spiritual Path



0. (pp. vii-xii) "Foreward".

p. vii announcement

At "meetings of Integral Institute ... Jenny would make an announcement ..., "I am doing a phenomenological study of mystical, spiritual, or transcendent experiences during sex. ...""

p. xi transcendent effects of sexual activity

"sex ... is the most common doorway to the Divine, the most ... altered state that accelerates the stages of spiritual realization. The more one is plunged into the ocean of Spirit, ... the more one ... finds oneís own Original Face, oneís own Godhead, oneís own True Nature, prior to ... the entire manifest world."


00. (pp. 1-18) "Introduction : Discovering Transcendent Sex".

pp. 7-8 authoress (J.W.)ís transcendent sexual experience

p. 7

"I had ... sex ... . ...

p. 8

The whole world disappeared in wash of white light that became clear, and then nothingness, nonduality, the Void --- ... what is ... known as ... samadhi. My understanding of reality was forever altered. When I came back to normal consciousness, I was awestruck, jubilant. ... I had a dazed look on my face and was laughing so hard."

p. 9 the effect of such sexual experience on the authoress (J.W.)ís career

"the episode definitely changed my life, including creating a desire to learn more about such experiences and make them public."

p. 292, n. 00:15 praevious articles by authoress (J.W.)


in book or in journal

"Spirituality in Sexual Intimacy".

REVISION 21(2) (1998):35-41.

"The Love That Dares Not Speak Its Name".

Transpersonal Knowing. Albany : SUNY, 2000. pp. 271-302.

"The Varieties of Transcendent Sexual Experience".


"Sex and Spiritual Emancipation".

REVISION 24(2) (2001):42-50.

pp. 11-2 three features of transcendent sexual experience






"Transcendent sex involves altered states that seem come out of nowhere

{inasmuch as these states come by divine grace, it is assuredly from a divine world that they come}


overcome ... the usual constraints



of space, time, or self ... . For instance,

a person might suddenly be out of the body, hovering over the bed,

traveling back in time to a past life, or

expanding to include the consciousness of all living beings."



"In transcendent sex, there is a pervasive sense that these events participate in, or come from, a supernatural force ... . Whether itís stepping into another reality, seeing visions, being possessed by an animal power or imploding into the utter emptiness of the Void, most people attribute a numinous quality to the events".



"Transcendent sex ... is taken so far beyond reality

{beyond the physical plane-of-existence, not beyond "reality"}


that the partner and the lovemaking recede into infinity."

pp. 12-3 progress through three sexual altered states of consciousness into a fourth state



stage of progress




"Magical Mystery Tour"

"visions and enchantment."



"Loosening the Boundaries of Reality"

"dissolve the



boundaries of self, space, and other. People may no longer recognize themselves or their lovers."



"Shattering of the Vessels"

"Individuals may find themselves and their lovers sucked into past lives as different people in remote times and places."



unio mystica

"reality collapses completely".

pp. 15, 17 non-limitation transcendent sexual experiences to any particular personal relationships

p. 15

"Transcendent sex isnít limited to certain relationships. I t can happen under any circumstances, even after years with the same person or during a one-night stand. ... Transcendent sex is not limited to "true love," nor is it a sign of it. ... It has occurred ... when the participants ... were ... having sex with a partner they didnít love, ... or having an adulterous affair."

p. 17

"For some, it came after scores of partners, after true love had been lost ... . For others, it came after ... incest and rape."


1. (pp. 21-39) "Fireworks, Energy, and Light : Experiencing the Body Electric".

p. 21 fire & ashes

"I have that feeling of light going through me and a fire that goes down, the feeling that my body has been burned away to ash".

{These are the fire of S`iva and the ashes of S`iva.}

p. 22 [f] lights from the top of the head

"This ... was out first time to have sex, ...

I began to see light, and light moving. ... The light was just going through me ... and

shooting out of the top of my head. The lights were really brilliant."

{A column of light extending from apex of the head is Taoist.}

pp. 23-4 lights out of the top of the head, again

p. 23

"after having sex ..., she had another experience of transcendence."

p. 24

[f] "I had the lights again, the brilliant lights. It was all so amazing, that way of shooting lights out of my head."

p. 27 energies throughout body

"some people report strange energies coursing through the body. Sometimes it starts with a sense that the sexual charge normally rooted in the genitals is spreading throughout the entire body, lighting it up with crackling power and fireworks, shooting arcs, sparks, flashes of light and color."

pp. 27-8 [m] energy through body

p. 27

His "experience began while just caressing his partner;

{Because women tend to praefer being caressed more than any other sexual activity, it is likely that the energy described here originated with his wife.}

p. 28

actual intercourse never occurred. ... . ... the movement of energy was very clear ... from the genital area, spreading through the body, through the arms and legs, reaching the areas of the hands and mouth that were extremely charged and then moving them [hands and mouth?] to my partner ... energy going through my arms, my legs, her arms, our mouths."

pp. 28-9 [f] bodily enlightenment

p. 28

"genital orgasm is a distraction now because it foreshortens ... what can happen otherwise. ... Thereís a very strong genital aspect to it, but itís more a sort of dance that brings one into a luminous state where ... everything is light both internally and externally. ...

p. 29

Itís electric, really light-oriented, very much upwardly oriented. It enlighten the whole body. You have the subjective experience of all ... your body lightening ... so that ... one becomes like a lightbulb. You become a light being totally embodied."

p. 29 [m] red aura

"describes a night of love ... :"

"I started noticing what I would call a field of energy {aura} around our bodies, what ... I would have called "red," and a sense that I was expanding outward. My sense of self extended five or six feet all around us and outward. My body was tingling all over, and there was a feeling of heat that went with the energy and redness, The tingling was as intense as when [it is recovering after] your foot falls asleep".

p. 30 [f] warmth, tingling, and light

"talks about her connection with her lover :

The warmth and tingling starts in my toes, an electrical feeling that moves up my body and just goes out my eyes. When itís intense, itís almost blinding. Thereís an element of heat, but itís more the brightness of the light thatís somewhat [electrically] shocking."

p. 30 [m] colored energy

"Iím aware of energy, patterns, and electric colors, golden, white, or blue. ... . Itís like thereís pure crackling, surging, grinding, burning energy."

p. 31 [f] ribbon of golden light

"When we were making love

it seemed as though there was almost a ribbon of yellow, golden light streaming between us and around us in the room. I could see it visually but feel it as well. Afterward, we had fallen asleep, and I got up ... and saw this fire. ... There was a lot of golden light and fire shooting up. It was as though the whole downstairs was filled with these huge, gigantic flames. ... . ... it wasnít actually a physical fire, but an essential one that was golden and quite beautiful. It didnít feel erratic, but call, steady, not hot. ... I can feel the flames in my heart ..., as though the golden fire is always burning there to some degree."

p. 36 glossolalia

"she and her lover began speaking in tongues (glossolalia)".

[f] "We would spontaneously start speaking in tongues. ... Either he would start speaking in tongues, or I would, and it was another signal that this wave of energy is coming over us, through the different movements of my tongue or different hand gestures."

pp. 36-7 [f] copious genital exudate

p. 36

"an event virtually unknown outside esoteric sexual practice."

p. 37

"since Iíd have forty orgasms or so, we had a soaking wet bed, through and through and through."


"What was happening to [her] is actually a commonplace occurrence in Tantric sex known as amrita, the profuse production of female ejaculate."

{There may be likewise a profuse "production" of some other type of bodily fluid, which, if evidently too much to be physically produceable by the human body, may be being transported into the body from elsewhere by deities.}


2. (pp. 40-58) "The Good Gods and Grace : It Was a Religious Experience".

p. 43 [f] iridescent swimming snake

"The room where she was making love

darkened into pitch blackness, and then

with an unimaginable groaning clap the entire world split open, revealing the primordial sea. Swimming in it was a gigantic iridescent snake, ... Quetzalcoatl, the Toltec deity who left the earth centuries ago for the enchanted place where sky and sea come together, never to die, but one day to return."


3. (pp. 59-74) "Supernatural Connections with Earthly Life".

pp. 62-3 co-incidences

p. 62

[m] "So right at the moment there we were having this intense climactic, orgasmic experience, suddenly ... There was an earthquake!"

p. 63

[m] "On one occasion, just as he and his lover finished making love, they became aware of a deer only fifteen feet away looking at them some time. It was as if "a spirit had come to watch over us and be with us, something magical, very spiritual and profound.""

{Deer seem to have a penchant for arrival at a synchronistically unusual time : for me, e.g., there was a deer nigh which I noticed the moment I had just climbed over the fence as I escaping from the insane asylum on an occasion (in C., GA).}

pp. 65-7 [m] female dolphin

p. 65

"She flips over on her back in the water, and I just started rubbing the length of her body,"

p. 66

"His interaction with the female now seemed to create ... sexual overtones."

p. 67

"youíd see this ... red beam coming out of her forehead, and it went bam! Right there to the pineal gland ... . ... Suddenly this whole quick-time movie


that was stored somewhere in me or in her

{it is stored in the world of akas`ik records}


began, like a DVD of all the evolution of this planet, the unfoldment of all life : the structures, the elements of it, the species, the birth and death of the species, the whole thing. I saw it as on fast-forward, in full-color, in more than three dimensions."


Jenny Wade : Transcendent Sex : When Lovemaking Opens the Veil. Paraview Bks, NY, 2004.

J.W.ís website