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Carole M. Cusack : "Science Fiction as Scripture : Robert A. Heinlein’s Stranger in a Strange Land and the Church of All Worlds". LITERATURE & AESTHETICS 19.2 (December 2009):72-91.

p. 77 "since the 1930s at least, Heinlein had been an adherent of [quoted from Gifford : Robert A. Heinlein, p. 187] “the philosophies of Bertrand Russell and H. G. Wells that stated that free love would cure many of the world’s ills”."

p. 89 literary derivation of the 5-sacraments system in the Church of All Worlds : "Four of the five practices… ["‘Thou are God/ess’, sharing water, nests and sexual freedom"] derive directly from Stranger in a Strange Land, the 1961 science fiction by Robert Heinlein in which the name‘Church of All Worlds’ first appears." (quoted from Gabriel 2006, p. 268b)

{This system of 5 sacraments is also in accord with the Kaula system of the 5 ma-kara-s, wherein, "mudra" (stamping a name as sigil) = "Thou are God/ess"; "matsya" ('fish') = "sharing water"; "mamsa" ('meat') = "nests" (because in the Bird-Nester myth ("B-NM") the nest is that of eagles, meat-eaters); and "maithuna" ('coupling') = "sexual freedom".}

Gabriel 2006 = Liza Gabriel : "Appendix A : The Church of All Worlds Tradition". In :- Oberon Zell-Ravenheart & Morning Glory Zell-Ravenheart (edd.) : Creating Circles & Ceremonies. Franklin Lakes, NJ : New Page Bks, 2006.


The Atlan Foundation (1962-8) in Norman, OK, became named the Church of All Worlds in St Louis, MO. ("ChAWBH")

"ChAWBH" = Tyaga Nagas`iva : "The Church of All Worlds, a Brief History". In :- Internet Book of Shadows.


The Church of All Worlds & its inventor Robert A. Heinlein

Church of All Worlds website

Heinlein Web Navigator

Heinlein Society


Gifford : Robert A. Heinlein. 2000.

Patterson & Thornton : Martian Named Smith. 2001. (about Heinlein's Stranger ...)


Another Author of Erotic Utopia Approved by Heinlein : namely, J. Neil Schulman

"His 1983 novel, The Rainbow Cadenza – which portrayed a future that replaces conscripting young men for military service with conscripting young women for sexual service – received accolades from Nathaniel Branden, Robert A. Heinlein, and Colin Wilson."

The plot of this novel, The Rainbow Cadenza  :- "the pandemic incidence of sexual assaults resulted in the rationing of sexual contacts between men and women, which evolved into the Peace Corps. i.e., prostitutes for the state."


"Every libertarian should read it. It should win the Prometheus Award."--Robert A. Heinlein, at the 1983 L-5 Society Conference, to Libertarian Futurist Society Chairman Michael Grossberg

"I found it absolutely fascinating ... A splendid book."--Colin Wilson"

[Colin Wilson is an author whose book Alien Dawn we have excerpted.]


the writings of Robert A. Heinlein, are frequently credited with coining the term ‘polyamorous’. ... “Robert Heinlein depicts a group where bacchanalia, mate-swapping, and communal living are wholly moral” (Murstein 522). The fictional Martian, Valentine Michael Smith, formed the Church of All Worlds ... . ... In 1968, Zell and his followers incorporated The Church of All Worlds, the same name used by Valentine Michael Smith in Stranger in a Strange Land”.

[/Valentine Michael Smith/ ("M.V.Smith") is furthermore the pseudonym used as name for the author of Psychedelic Chemistry (Loompanics (1981) --<>, P.O. Box 1197, Port Townsend, WA 98368). ]

World Polyamory Association where (as befitting the Sexual Freedom League of San Francisco) there are, even now, more groups in San Francisco than in any other city . Photographs and*/* . Links

Facebook pages for World Polyamory Association


Relationship between Church of All Worlds and similar sexual-freedom organizations

the Venusian Church began to absorb both thought and practices ... especially from the Church of All Worlds.” s.v. “Venusian Church”

Psychedelic Venus Church” : “The Psychedelic Venus Church ... drew together elements implicit in the Sexual Freedom League” s.v. “Psychedelic Venus Church”


Relationship between Sexual Freedom League and Church of All Worlds and Theistic S`,or.r_gc.r_pw.,cf.osb&fp=6c8ce8692e604857&biw=1024&bih=621&safe=images

Wikipedia article Theistic S`

Publication-oriented blogs, and contact-information

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Meetup pages and groups : NYC S` ists with various subheadings, such as Other non-New Yorkers

Yahoo groups : forum of the Black Goat Cabal and other Theistic S`at.anism groups, such as Theistic-S`at.anists-and-others and Theistic-S`at.anism-ethics-and-politics

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Other theistic or theistic-friendly S`at.anism/"LHP" websites

Spiritual S` weblinks -- (Spiritual S`at.anism is listed in, e.g. 600 Club S`at.anism

African American S`at.anic Church listed at, e.g.

Cathedral of S` (Temple of Demogorgon) : Theosophical (Blavatskyian) S`at.anism and Masonic Illuminati

Sinagogue of S` : Masonic & Thelemic


N.B. >ans.ayri (Nus.ayri), Iran, Kama-rupa district of Asom (Assam, i.e. northeast Bharata), and S^an-tun (northeast C^ina) are among principal Asiatic sites of promulgation of "Sexual Freedom League"-style theisms (of mediaeval proveniences).

Tropical sites of promulgation of "Sexual Freedom League"-style doctrines (viz., temporary spouse-trading) include the French Congo, Irian Jaya (west New Guinea), and Amazonia.

[If the description of Sexual Freedom doctrine be extended to include polyamory and/or polyandry, then the geographic distribution of sites of promulgation would be greater.]