Table of Contents -- sexual practices : participation in the divine worlds


sexual practices indicated by coloration of dream-worlds

modes of sexual intercourse during dreaming

sexual dreaming, how to accomplish

sexual practices amongst deities

socio-oikonomic benefits from sexual practices between deity and human (in Dreams)

politico-oikonomic alterations through sexual practices with deities (in Dreamings)

sexual behaviour mortal-human and dream-animal

possible sexual significance of forces in physics

sexual jokery in religions

genitalia-to-architecture/gunnery parallelism


types of orgasms



erotic humor -- BIBLIOGRAPHY

erotic hypnosis (for erotic dreaming)

cosmic significance of cunnilingus -- in African and in Pacific-Islander metaphysics

sexual sorcery

development of the Sexual Freedom League via the Church of All Worlds into Theistic S`at.anism

sexual travel-guides (sexual tourism)

sexual clubs