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pp. 311-8 Suggested Reading

Capp. 5-16.


5. (pp. 79-83)

pp. 82-3 healers by magnetic stroking

p. 82

Amongst "magnetic healers ... was Valentine Greatlakes, an Irishman born in 1628. At some point in 1662, he had a dream, several times repeated, that he could cure by laying on of hands, or by "magnetic stroking" as it came to be called. ... he seems to have performed a surprising number of cures in Ireland and then in London where a number of notables attested to his accumulating status as a "divine healer." ...

p. 83

Somewhat later, during the eighteenth century, another famous stroking healer appeared in the form of a Swabian priest named J. J. Gassner. ... he is noted as a priest of Bludenz (now in Austria), where his many cures gained wide celebrity for him. He ... sometimes made use of magnets".


6. (pp. 85-92)

p. 85 Mesmer

"Franz ... Anton Mesmer (1733-1815) was born in Switzerland at Weil, near the city and lake of Constance. ... He was educated in Vienna where he took a degree in medicine. As his doctoral thesis he produced a study entitled DE PLANETARUM INFLUXU (the influnce of the planets on the human body)."

p. 86 Hell

"By applying his magnetized plates to a patient’s limbs, he effected his first cures ... . ... The priority for this invention was claimed by a Jesuit priest having the curious name of Maximillian Hell, a professor of astronomy/astrology at the University of Vienna."

p. 91 Dingwall

"Eric Joyhn Dingwall ... collected papers published between 1800 and 1900 recording Mesmeric research and phenomena ... . He ultimately edited these papers into four volumes which he published in 1967-68. ... Dingwall gave the four volumes the ... title of ABNORMAL HYPNOTIC PHENOMENA : A SURVEY OF NINETEENTH-CENTURY CASES."


7. (pp. 93-7)

pp. 93-7 Reichenbach & his testing of sensitives to Odic force

p. 93

"Baron Karl von Reichenbach (1788-1869) was born in Wurttemburg ... . ... He discovered Kerosene, paraffin, and creosote. ...

p. 94

Reichenbach ... designating the "emanations of vital force" as OD. He derived this strange term from Odin ... . ...

{In Norse, mythology, the god O`d (husband of goddess Freyja) is distinct from the god O`dinn (husband of goddess Frigg).}


Between 1839 and 1850, Reichenbach designed and conducted

p. 95

experiments involving some two-hundred ... people ... who had demonstrated some kind of sensitivity. ... Most of the individuals also "manifested a special right-hand/left-hand polarity" which affected their reactions to other people standing, sitting or sleeping near their right or left sides. A disproportionate number of the sensitives demonstrated sympathy for the color blue, an antipathy with yellow, ... and sensitivity to certain metals, and were unpleasantly affected by mirrors. Quite a number of such sensitives could "see" emanations from crystals and magnets in total darkness, and detect alternations in electric current. They could also perceive an aura (energy field) emanating from and surrounding the physical body. With empirical precision still acceptable today, Reichenbach conducted hundreds of experiments ... examining his Odic force ... .

The Od, Odyle or Odic force was perceptible to sensitives."


"Sensitives possessing more refined or greater sensing/perceiving capacities might perceive "the odic light," described as clear flames of definite color issuing from metals, crystals and chemicals and poles of magnets."


"The Odic force could also be seen issuing from the main parts of the human body, the fingertips, mouth, hands, forehead, feet,

p. 96

... . The Odic force could also be seen surrounding the body entire as a colored "mist" or "smoke.""


"The Odic force could also be seen over new graves."


"In one such case, the sensitive Prof. D. Enderlicher of Vienna saw ‘unsteady flames forty inches high" on the poles of an electromagnet, the flames exhibiting numerous colors".


"Some sensitives perceived more complex odic phenomena regarding the human body, including rays, beams ad undulating lights. Some of Reichenbach’s sensitives could tell whether a female was pre-menstrual, menstrual, or pregnant, and how the mother’s odic forces were interacting with the unborn child. ...

p. 97

In any event, some of Reichenbach’s sensitives quite easily could distinguish between the Odyles of the mother and the fetus."


9. (pp. 107-17)

p. 111 Cox

"Edward William Cox (1809-1879) ... presented, in 1872, ... a booklet entitled SPIRITUALISM SCIENTIFICALLY EXAMINED WITH PROOFS OF THE EXISTENCE OF A PSYCHIC FORCE, and later enlarged his ideas in a book entitled THE MECHANISM OF MAN (1876)."

pp. 116-7 Eusapia Palladino

p. 116

"A Colonel Rochas described a case of lievitation by psychic force with the famous female medium, Eusapia Palladino (1854-1918). ...

p. 117

Eusapia Palladino frequently insisted she be nude for her seances, and in her trances demanded sexual insertions from those males she sensed had achieved psychic force erections. Naturally, male researchers and sitters were eager to be at her seances, always held behind locked doors."


10. (pp. 119-29)

pp. 120, 124-7 Wilhelm Reich

p. 120

"Wilhelm Reich (1897-1957) was born the son of a farmer in Dobrzcynica, Galicia. ... . ... he studied law at the University of Vienna, and then went on to study medicine, obtaining his M.D. in 1922. ... Reich .. in Freud’s Psychoanalytic Polyclinic ... became vice-director in 1928."

p. 124

"The best, and so far the only competent source for Reich’s saga can be found in Myron Sharaf’s monumental biography entitled FURY ON EARTH (1983)".

p. 125

"The bionic radiations, or bionic light ..., was described as bluish light ... . ...

p. 126

With this collector which intensified the energy, it was possible to observe two kinds of "light" or luminescent phenomena – the bluish, moving vapors, and sharper, yellowish "points" and "lines" that flickered."

p. 127

"With ... wide press coverage, Reich’s reputation (and following) increased immensely – and copies of his JOURNAL OF ORGONOMY and ORGONE ENERGY BULLETIN were much in demand."


11. (pp. 133-44)

p. 143 aura

"The personal human aura is USUALLY portrayed as a self-contained envelope, or full-body nimbus, around the physical body, usually shown as oval or ovoid in its mistlike contours. ... It consists of fluctuating colors, color layers, and variously shaped energy structures which can sometimes extend far beyond the margins of the mistlike properties. ... The colors seen are also associated with many kinds of qualities and activities, ... except in the case of the color dull black – which clearly and unequivocally portends approaching death. ... . ... the aura often turns dull black regarding those who will shortly meet premature or accidental death – as if the energy "intelligence" somehow knows of this in advance."


12. (pp. 145-52)

p. 146 affluent

"The term AFFLUENT ...from the Latin AFFLUERE ... in English came to mean "to flow abundantly," and hence" is applied to "psychic force".

{The word /af-fluere/ is literally ‘to flow to’ or ‘to flow towards’; psychic force is so described when there is allusion to its flowing to the human body from its divine source.}

p. 151 c^>i

"one might even be brave enough to suggest that Mesmer, Reichenbach, Cox, and Reich ... had encountered the phenomena traditionally associate with the ancient Chinese CH>I."


13. (pp. 153-9)

pp. 155, 158 varieties of clairvoyance

p. 155

"important subdivisions of clairvoyance had been established ..., such as telopsia and telecognosis".

p. 158

"In 1882, F. W. H. Myers (1843-1901) ... coined a new term – TELESTHESIA – to denote motor impulse transfers across distances. ... this term is taken from the Greek AISTHESIS meaning perception of sensations." {Therefore, /tel-esthesia/ is better spelled /tel-aisthesia/.}


14. (pp. 161-70)

pp. 164-5 occult chemistry

p. 164

Charles Webster Leadbeater (1854-1934) & Annie Besant (1847-1933) wrote in 1908 the book "OCCULT CHEMISTRY : CLAIRVOYANT OBSERVATIONS".

p. 165

"In 1980, the American ... Stephen M. Phillips ... pulled the entire story together in a book entitled EXTRASENSORY PERCEPTION OF QUARKS",


16. (pp. 179-87)

p. 182 vital-force (aura)

[quoted from Paracelsus] "The vital force is not enclosed in man, but radiates around him like a luminous sphere, and it may be made to act at a distance."

p. 186 "all blended together" were :


__ auras




vital animating & energy


emotion, desire








spiritual nature


Ingo Swann : Psychic Sexuality : the Bio-Psychic "Anatomy" of Sexual Energies. Rapid City (SD), 1999.