Psychic Sexuality, 24-27


24. (pp. 249-64)

p. 251 Vitalism

"those researching morphogenetic fields, morphic resonance, ... are, in fact, various kinds of NEO-VITALISTS ... . A particularly informative book in this regard is SYMPATHETIC VIBRATIONS : REFLECTIONS ON ... A WAY OF LIFE (1985) by K. C. Cole."

pp. 253-4 crotch cakra

p. 253

"In the male it is found behind the scrotum and in front of the anus. In the female it is found between the vagina and anus. It is almost always reddish ... . ... It is connected, by a thread-like whorling, up into the body interior. At a certain point, this whorling thread then diverges to connect both to the spinal column and to the esophagus where the whorling seems to disappear or merge into other energy networks. ... A type of this chakra is also found on most mammals. ... . ... the crotch chakra ...

p. 254

responds to the rays emanating from the fingertips, if those rays are pink. It is especially responsive to licking by the tongue, which itself emits a kind of electrostatic aura which is densely and somewhat "damply" many-colored. ... As in other mammals, licking of the crotch chakra especially will render a slightly hypnotic effect, while the eyes will float upward beneath the upper eye-lid."

p. 254 anal cakra

"the anal chakra ... is usually seen as a transparent darker red color, ... which itself will intensify by finger stimulation and licking."

pp. 255-6 differences between man & female in the 3rd sexualizing cakra

p. 255

"In males, the next sxualizing paraphernalia ... is a small chakra about an inch in dimension which is usually deep purple in color. It is found about about half-way between the tail of the spine and the anus ... . When this chakra is lightly massaged or tongued, the male will usually undergo a definite hypnotic relaxation. ...

The equivalent chakra to this is found in females not between the buttocks to the rear, but to the front just between the top of the vaginal cleft and the clitoris. It can be seen as being of deep purple, but more usually a dark liquid blue-green. Massaging or tonguing of this chakra will produce hypnotic and other effects similar to male responses. ...

When male and female together are achieving coitus, there can be perceived electric-like, lavender-colored discharges taking place between these two particular chakras. ... Beyond this, from these two chakras can now be seen passing between each other ... electrical discharges which fan out to incorporate the two bodies entire. These discharges are ... not only galvanizing the entire bodies, but intercommunicating in such a way that a "mendling" transpires, and the copulating couple feel like they have melted or merged into one.


In the sexology literature, this is often referred to ... .

{As a instance of such reference, vide :- Jenny Wade : Transcendent Sex. Paraview Bks, NY, 2004. pp. 84-6}

p. 256

The clairvoyant color of these discharges is usually brilliant pink, but also can be experienced as blinding white."

pp. 256-8 delicate tiny sexualizing cakra-s and their bending-beams

p. 256

"The next sexualizing chakras in importance are found at the tip of the penis and at the tip of the clitoris."


In __

this tiny chakra is usually __

and resembleth a __.



blood red

glowing ruby



deep green

glowing emerald


"If highly energy sexualized, both emit gem-like rays and sparkles. ...

p. 257

In size, these two chakras are about 1/16 of an inch in dimension, and can be easily missed in clairvoyance. ... However, when these two tiny chakras are energized or stimulated, they can increase in size to 2-4 inches, and emit beams which extend much farther. ...


As these two chakras become increasingly excited, they can be seen to emit rays of their particular emerald or ruby light. These rays, however, now ... can be seen to reach out, bend and twist, like snakes, and seek each other out. Having located each other they now entwine and ... begin to shrink pulling the two bodies to each other ... . ...

In this, ... the female beams are by far the strongest and most vivid. In some cases, the size of the female bending beams is twice or more of those of the male.

p. 258

... these beams ... can reach out at least across a room. ... The male and female bending beams can pierce right through individuals who may chance to be standing in the way ... . Pre-menopausal females often exhibit a strong, final display of them".

pp. 258-9 minute sexualizing cakra-s of thighs & of pubis

p. 258

"in the female, on the inner thighs closest to the vaginal areas, will be found a series or a pattern of small chakras clairvoyantly seen in the color of glowing white.

A similar grouping of these, but usually red in color, will be found in the male. In the male, however, the collection of these chakras can encircle the thighs to the outer side as well, and extend down to the calves. In some males these collections can ascend up to the hips, and involve

p. 259

at least some parts of the buttocks ... . ... These areas are exceedingly sensitive to the rays from the finger-tips ... .

In both male and female, these arrays of minuscule chakras literally produce heat, and what verges on a slight hypnotic state. ... The collections of tiny chakras indicate areas of increased sensitivity, and usually protrude about a quarter of an inch above the skin surface. ...


Even more arrays of these "sensate" chakras are found all over the genitals, but an especially intense collection of them can be found on the pubic mound ... . At the pubic mound, however, the collection tends to emit rays which can extend as much as three inches to a foot when unexcited, but to even greater extent when excited. ... However, these are not in-take chakras, but out-flowing ones."

p. 260 eye-beams

"as the ancient Greeks said, the eyes produce beams ... . These eye beams, though, are virtually transparent even to highly achieved clairvoyants. Bit of they are magnified via micro-clairvoyance, they can be seen as streams of very minute, fast-moving "particles." The particles are usually, but not always, greenish in color – and move within what can be called a lavender or purplish "tube" and which can bend".

p. 260 sexualizing functions of cakra-s in other erogenous zones

"Collections of tiny white chakras can also be found associated with all of the body orifices, the nipples, belly-button, inside the arms and armpits, on the scalp, and the ears. ...

But what appear to be especially highly refined collections of them can be found on and around the lips, the ears, and the nipples – especially the nipples".

"Many male versions, however, have bands of them encircling the biceps and sometimes even the forearms, and also aligned on the pectorals and sometimes over the shoulders and onto the back.

Many female versions have similar bands or bracelets of them around their ankles and wrists, and almost always on the shoulder and the backs of their necks."

p. 260 sexualizing electrical discharges

"In most cases, the female and male versions have specialized tiny chakras, usually glowing red in the palms of their hands. Thus, when the pink rays from the fingertips and the collections of sexualizing chakras in the palms, stroke an area laden with similar sexualizing chakras, not only are sexualizing energies exchanged, but other kind of energy as well. Seen in micro-clairvoyance, this resembles ... a profusion of electrical discharges".

"In the case of the erogenous chakras, however, which are usually glowing white (and hence easy to see clairvoyantly), the sexualizing discharges are a delicious purple in color" ["more towards the magenta" (pp. 260-1)].

p. 261 cakra-s of the lips

"In fact, some lips can make others quite "wild," and ... In these cases are to be found a series of chakras inhabiting the lips, usually five in number on the upper lip, and one in the center of the bottom lip.

In some examples of occult art, these are often pictured as tiny five-pointed stars, presumably because others have seen them radiate ... .

{Such 5-pointed stars may repraesent 5-pointed vajra-s (thunderbolts = static electric discharges).}

They are usually seen ranging from light pink to deep red in color. They tend to "attract" other energy bodies because they glitter. They can also extend rays and beams."

"Male and female versions possessing these six lip chakras usually adore kissing, and ... they are often referred to as "mouth freaks"".

p hair-follicles as antennae : their throw-web

p. 262

"Seated in their follicles, the hairs act as antennae, entirely sensitive to "vibrations" of all kinds. The pores emit rays of light which are likewise sensitive and thus serve as antennae, too. ... The hair and pore antennae seem to be sensitive to thought-forms, and apparently can detect their nature or motives. ...

Seen with micro-clairvoyance, each hair is extended often to about a foot beyond its tip, by a needle-thin ray of intense blue light – but which ray is bendable. ... These blue rays ... are extraordinarily magnetic in nature, and can attract or repel just like magnets do. ...

p. 263

The blue-ray extensions of hairs are incredibly sensitive to what either attracts or repels them. But when they sense an attraction, they immediately throw out what ... is like the filaments of a spider’s web. The filaments are usually deep blue in color."


25. (pp. 265-78)

p. 266 formatting development of the physical body by auric energy-patterns

"the physicality of the body is formatted because of energetic principles, then the energetic principles must contain the information patterns that result in the developing morphological forms of the physical body. ...

Since the matter is formatted along precise lines, resulting in the corpus, some kind of energetic information principle is required to pull off not only the initial formatting, but all developmental vital activity thereafter."

p. 267 sexualizing regalia

"the sexualizing REGALIA -- ... which is clairvoyantly seen only if and when the sexualizing paraphernalia have become active and aroused. If they are not active, then they can’t be seen clairvoyantly. ... Indeed, all things considered, there is nothing like a regalia aroused male or female."

pp. 270-3 female version of sexualizing regalia

p. 270

"In the case of the bio-female version ..., the shoulders, upper arms, and back first become slightly illuminated, the color at first usually being an off-white or a slightly light-pinkish one. ...

p. 271

The preparatory illuminating might last for about two days, after which "wings" begin sprouting upward from the breasts, shoulders, and upper back. These now begin to take on a slightly undulating, light-bluish hue which is transparent, but somewhat "veined" as in butterfly wings. Shortly thereafter, the wings begin cascading energies upward, often turning slightly golden at the tops of these undulating "fountains." ... these fountains of upward-moving light can extend up to twenty feet above the female’s shoulders. ... At this point in the developing phenomena, the fountains spread out and begin to emit points of light, which are always scintillating white, and which begin drifting downward – somewhat like sparkling dew.

Meanwhile, the breasts have become increasingly sensate, ... to a state of "Painful thrill," something akin to pink "rose blossom" petals have developed with the nipples at their centers ... .

Further down, the red chakra in the crotch has expanded considerably and can ultimately envelop the entire pelvic area. Also the small green chakra just above the clitoris has begun emitting a bright yellowish green ray or beam, which is bendable and projectable, and which "snakes" out frontward as if trying to locate a "contact."

Meanwhile, the collections of the tiny white chakras comprising the erogenous zones have increased in luminosity, and thus in erotic sensitivity. ...

From the pores of the skin begin to emerge microscopic (as seen via micro-clairvoyance) liquid-like GLOBULES of white-light energy. These emerge from most pores in a stream at about five seconds apart ... . But ... if micro-

p. 272

clairvoyance is not employed the whole of these floating globules will appear as a field or mist of white light. Along with these liquid-like globules, a peculiar odor or fragrance now develops. It is ... slightly musky and "damp." This fragrance appears to be easily identifiable ... that the female has "gone into heat." ...

The sparkling bits of light drifting downward and globules emanating widely now fall on everything within the proximity."


"However ..., the female version now becomes remarkably selective. The greenish snaking ray or beam energetically extending outward from just above the clitoris will be seen plunging INTO the bodies of the male versions. If this bending beam doesn’t like what it "sees," it is quickly withdrawn and plunges into another male version. ... However, the moment of the plunging and the withdrawing ...

p. 273

leave the targeted male versions somewhat temporarily dazed. The pupils of their eyes will widen ... . ...

When, and if, the undulating green beam seems to find what it is looking for, it then proceeds to wrap its flagellating end in convulsions around the testicles of the selectee, also interpenetrating the red chakra between the scrotum and rectum. The snaking beam now contracts along its entire length, and the male version involuntarily moves very close to the female version. The pores of the male version will now begin to emit an "oily substance," usually the color of liquid, dark yellow amber."


"The moment the male version’s balls are under grapple, excepting the greenish "snake," the female version instantly ceases producing all of the regalia above discussed, like a switch has been thrown. Now from the top of her skull rise up a whole flock of the most amazing limpid, liquid green rays. These are entirely extendible and bendable, and they reach out and wrap the entire body of the selected body of the male version in them. Likewise, apparently to make sure of matters, the two rose-blossom auras of the nipples now produce equally extendible beams which, with strong magnetic force, wrap around the torso of the selected male version."

p. 274 "The clairvoyantly-seen green-rayed regalia headdress of the female version is entirely compatible with the "myth" of Medusa and the crown of "snakes" growing out of this terrible goddess’s head. Medusa turns males to stone, which is about the same as saying turning them senseless."

pp. 274-8 male version of sexualizing regalia

p. 274

"The full display of the male sexualizing regalia ... is begun when the red chakra between the scrotum and anus begins to expand. Shortly it will begin forming a plastic shape that encompasses the genitals. In color, this plastic shape is always pink or pinkish red. In male of advancing age, it might be red or darker red. This plastic shape then commences to protrude directly in front of the genitals like a pseudopodia. It is, in thickness, usually about six inches in diameter. ...

p. 275

One of the first energetic phenomena which then manifests is that from the red crotch chakra will emerge a "tube" of whirling red energy about six inches or more in diameter. Micro-clairvoyance reveals that this tube forms layers, some of which rotate clockwise and other rotate anti-clockwise. ... Soon, the red tube will gradually snake up through the intestines, abdomen, lungs, throat, and brains, and


eventually emerge out of the top of the skull. After this, the whirling beam will "grow" upward to about twenty to forty feet.

{"clever-ropes extruded from their mouths ... . The cords seemed to rise into the air" (Narby & Huxley : Shamans Through Time.).}


At a certain point, somewhat horizontally, it will develop "spikes" with curved hooks at their ends. these spikes, however, are rays or beams which are plastic. ... . .. the pink-light, bulging pseudopodia in the genital area begins extending itself in a rubber-like manner, ... horizontally ... directly out to the front by six or eight feet. ... .

p. 276

... male versions will now proceed to manifest "full-blown" sexualizing regalia. ... First off, the usual blue-white rays from the nails and fingers will now take on the color of blood red and extend themselves as much as three feet. ... .

... the small purple chakra is the ass {arse} cleft enlarges considerably, and shortly will begin to emit occasional bursts of purple or lavender "lightening." These streak outward ..., disappearing into invisibility, but in doing so they streak right through the physical-and energy-bodies of others. ...

Long fluctuating "feathers," again red in color, about three feet in length, will now develop at the crown of the head. ...

p. 277

But with micro-clairvoyance, the "feathers" are seen, and from their tips shower down the equivalent of the white sparklers of the full blown female versions. ...

COILS of pink-red energy, about four inches in diameter, develop from the soles of the feet and twist upward around the calves, knees and thighs, and often even involve the buttocks and the lower lasts of the belly and chest. Similar coils, but only at about one to two inches in diameter, develop from the palms of the hands, twist around and upward involving the forearms, biceps, triceps, and shoulder muscles. ... .

... the buttocks will become engulfed in red light, and shortly a "flame" or fire will rise up along the spine. This is akin to ...

p. 278

the Kundalini thing. ... In some cases, "spiky" flowers in a variety of colors will develop around the pectoral nipples. ...

Finally, as in the case of the female, the pores of the skin will begin emitting minute liquid-like globules, but these are again reddish in color, and they sparkle. These, too, emit a fragrance ... something like fresh semen."


26. (pp. 279-89)

p. 285 higher ideals

"the auras of some people were a gorgeous blue, or a gorgeous light purple. Upon questioning these people, they invariably had higher, aesthetic or spiritual ideals".

p. 286 unusual auras

"I have seen energetic phenomena I have not been able to identify or understand. Especially prominent among these are the black, right angle bars seen in auras and inside the bio-body, and the various kinds of shooting in and shooting out radiances seen to leave and enter various energy bodies.

Also mysterious is seeing that an aura field is composed of more than just one personal aura field, or several of them.

{Would these be instances of "multiple personality"?}

Some of these, or a mix of them, can be identified as belonging to a female version, others obviously belong to a male version.

The problem with clairvoyant seeing in this regard is that such mixes tend to undulate in and out of each other. They come, they go, they appear, they vanish.

{Like, the "personalities" (spirits) of "multiple personality" come and go.}

But the implication is that it is not an individual or personal aura being seen, but a composite."

p. 287 exchange of gendres of sexualizing regalia

"I’ve occasionally witnessed married couples, seemingly completely happy, but in which the male manifests versions of the female regalia, while the female manifests those of the male."

{The individuals in these couples have perhaps temporarily exchanged regalia. Cf. the instance (in Multiple Planes of the Cosmos and Life) wherein husband and wife temporarily exchanged souls.}


27. (pp. 291-300)

pp. 296-8 structure connoting relationship between male relatives

p. 296

"Regarding male versions seen clairvoyantly, when two of them are near one another, a peculiar energy phenomenon might occur" : "A torque or torus can be seen horizontally forming around their pectoral areas, running around the biceps and completing the circle at the back. A torque is something that produces a rotation, a turning, twisting force. A torus is doughnut-shaped.


The male physical body can be seen standing in the doughnut’s hole, while the torquing torus is about two or three feet out around the body. ...

{This structure is used in Manchu yoga.}


When this torus first form, it is usually glowing golden in

p. 297

color. The torques of two males can be seen magnetically attracting each other ... . ... . ... these torques can be seen releasing curving rays of red and white energy which detach and can whirl independently around".


"The best example I’ve seen of these torques was in the case of two brothers ... . ... The magnetic torques around them immediately became one larger torque surrounding them both. ...

p. 298

Meanwhile, in silence, their combined aura bodies shifted from angry to a most gorgeous blue outlined in golden light."

pp. 298-9 aequivalent female structures

p. 298

"Female versions produce torques, too, but of an entirely different kind, abundant more complex ... . Most female versions produce five of them.


The first, and sometimes predominant one is vertical and

{This vertical wheel is the Taoist (and Bon) so-called "Water-Wheel".}


shaped like a two-pointed oval. The top point is about two to three feet above the head, the bottom point is beneath the feet and penetrates into the ground and floor. Conjoined to this are four more,


making five in total.

{For their Hoop Dance, the Jemez "used five hoops made of willow wood bent to form a circle." ("H")}


If seen from above, they make the shape of a five-pointed star. ...

While in the male versions the powerful gold-red melding torques

p. 299

rotate horizontally,


the perpendicular torques of the female versions slowly rotate vertically

{The Taoist (and Bon) "Water-Wheel" revolveth vertically.}


and into and out of each other, and can do so rhythmically in wonderful tempos. In the female versions, the rotating torques, if in a kind of inactive state, resemble colorless glass tubes about an inch or less in diameter. When they are energized they become at first golden. If these melding torques are not fulfilled, they then turn sort of an angry {or sad?} electric blue".

"H" =

pp. 299-300 structures resultant from melding

p. 299

"If melding (energy information exchange) has been successful, a temporary illumination will appear in the auras above the head whether the melding is of the two or same sexes. This is usually glowing white, and often ... mistaken for the important Pranic crown chakra. Subjected to micro-clairvoyance these illuminations can be seen containing a vast array of different colored lights, usually pastel in color, and also ...


a vast array of geometric symbols.

{Geometric (crystalline) structures are often seen under the influence of psychedelic drugs, which apparently open into this sub-plane (of the aitheric plane).}


These are rapidly changing and fluctuating into and out of each other. ... These illuminations are wonderful and exquisite to behold. When the processing of the melding seems complete, they disappear."

p. 300

"I came across papers concerning one Nancy Lansdale (1883-1957). She had been an artist clairvoyant who saw these symbols as a part of the auras above peoples’ heads. ... Some of these will be reproduced in the companion book to come under the title PSYCHIC CREATIVITY." {Never published?}


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Ingo Swann Database, Regarding Superpowers of the Human Biomind

{N.B. The author’s habit of designating whirlpool-semblances as ‘cakra-s’ is a habitual misnomer, inasmuch as ‘cakra’ is literally ‘wheel’ (i.e., having spokes). The correct Samskr.ta term for ‘whirlpool’ is /avarta/ or (in the diminutive., ‘eddy’) /avartaka/. An unspoked ‘potter’s wheel’ or ‘grindstone’ is, in Samskr.ta, /bhrama/; /bhrami/ is ‘turner’s lathe’; /bhramaraka/ ‘rotating (humming) top’; and /bhr.mi/ ‘whirlwind, hurricane’. A ‘churn’ is /gargara/. A ‘waterspout’ is /nives.ya/.

The whirlpool-semblances would not necessary all have corresponding spoked wheels (nor petaled waterlily-blossoms – which appear only as singlets, not in pairs nor multiples as the "blossoms"/"flowers" on pp. 271, 273, and 278), as do the true cakra-s. The author would not appear ever to have witnessed in the body a true spoked cakra, which may exist only on higher planes-of-existence than any observed by him. The author’s own perceptivity would seem to have been limited to the (sub-planes of) the aitheric plane –for indeed, anyone who can operate on the astral plane can easily go out-of-body, a feat apparently never achieved by the author.}