Psychic Sexuality, 19-22


19. (pp. 213-21)

pp. 213-4 life-review

p. 213

"It seemed like strips of movie footage were being run, some-

p. 214

times at high speed ... . After a few moments of this, several movie strips began running at the same time. ... I sort of came to the conclusion that the movie strips contained the greater part of what I had experiences in my life. I felt ... "Tibetan" ... to review one’s entire life" {as is the Tibetan after-death review-sequence}..

pp. 215-6 magnet’s poles

p. 215

"magnets" : "I could "see" that the north end had a blue glow, the south a pink one". "I eventually mentioned that I liked the north pole ...

p. 216

better than the south pole. Although I did not know it then, the experimenters had already accumulated evidence that males "performed" better with north-up, while females did so with south-up."

pp. 215-6, 218-20 bodily-structure luminances

p. 215

"I could see the bones in my hand very clearly, and in more than just a black and white X-ray way."

p. 216

"I could again see the bones in my hands, but could now also see the larger blood vessels and arteries. The vessels were dark blue, somewhat glowing, but the arteries were brilliant pinkish-red. ...

But there was also a glowing, blue-green network which infused both of my hands and ran up the arms, whose bones I could now also see."

p. 218

"I again saw (in addition to the blue network and all else) that the surface of the skin was peppered with small glowing spots. ... I could see them composed one-half of pink light, the other of turquoise blue light. Inside of each of them was a transparent lusciously green whorl, or a minute circulating motion and which penetrated through the skin into the muscles, themselves now seen as a lind of liquid light like red Jell-O."

"the ancient Chinese could make maps of the acupuncture points ... having ... used MICRO-CLAIRVOYANCE to do so.


And at this, I now accepted that what was going on as the restoration and enhancement of my own clairvoyant faculties which had been suppressed ... .

{Apparently this "restoration and enhancement" was enabled by the intent of the promoters of this experimental project; with perhaps involvement of effects from conjurations by any hoodoo-and-voodoo root-doctors whom the promoters may have hired separately.}


At any rate, here was some kind of a direct clairvoyance of acupuncture points ... . Furthermore, all were interconnected by a very minute, glowing, darkish green network, liquid green like the color of deep green water."

p. 219

"What I determined to be the lymphatic system was a network of glowing white. The green network associated with the acupuncture was an energetic one ... . ... Both the blue and green networks ran almost side by side, and were connected to each other at certain points. I could perceive that there was a heavy concentration of both these networks in, yes, the all-important glans or "head" of my membrum virile."

p. 220

"I began to get the idea that the lucidity of the Mahatmas was composed of several layers or levels of clairvoyance functioning all at once. ... The absolute beauty of this was, and has remained, indescribable. ... I later found color illustrations in a book entitled ENERGY ECSTASY (1978) by Bernard Gunther that came close."

p. 219 "my sensorium itself had gotten aroused, with the result that my membrum virile felt as if was about to do you know what (although it didn’t)." {Is erotic arousal a usual accompaniment of "restoration and enhancement of ... clairvoyant faculties"?}

pp. 219-220 viewer-viewee (subject-object) melding {a Maha-yana & Vajra-yana doctrine/practice}

p. 219

"I began to get the idea that I wasn’t perceiving as viewer/object relationship where boundaries between the two are important. ... The viewer/object relationship had collapsed into some form of integrated "participation." ...

p. 220

And the sense of the transdimensional something ... seemed capable of "connecting up" with EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE."

["telepathy as the melding of consciousness". Ingo Swann : Penetration : the Question of Human and Extraterrestrial Telepathy. Rapid City (SD), 1998. p. 130]


20. (pp. 223-7)

pp. 224-5 the 3 lowest cakra-s of the 10-cakra system

p. 224

"Although achieved clairvoyants sometimes specify ten major chakras, three of these are usually avoided, leaving seven that are usually referred to. ... "The three remaining chakras are situated in the lower part of the pelvis and normally are not used" for the reason that these are connected to the astral world of "sexual magic" ... . ... . ... all of the usually avoided chakras are directly associated to the Kundalini energy."

p. 225

"locations of the three avoided chakras" : "In both males and females, one of them is directly on the pubic mound,

the second is in the cleft between the physical sex apparatus and the anus.

The third avoided chakra is admitted as existing in some sources, but without specification as to where it is located."

p. 226 "It should be noted that the major seven can look quite different from individual to individual."

p. 226 Charles Webster Leadbeater


"Then, in 1927, he published THE CHAKRAS : A RECORD".

pp. 226-7 forces-centres, according to Leadbeater

p. 226

" "forces centres ... in the etheric double ... show themselves as saucer-like depressions or vortices in its surface.."

If awakened, vivified and developed, they "are seen as blazing, coruscating whirlpools, much increased in size, and resembling miniature suns."

All of these "wheels are perpetually rotating, and into this the hub

p. 227

or open mouth of each a force from the higher world is always flowing – a manifestation of the life-stream issuing from ... the primary force.""


21. (pp. 229-34)

p. 229 heart

"When my hands again turned transparent I shifted my attention to the bio-body’s heart – to find it either encased in or radiating a soft golden light."

pp. 230-1 brain; bands

p. 230

"the brain is seen as the aura networks of lights and radiances, then the energy-brain extends out through the skull and interpenetrate the entire bio-body, envelope it, and extend at some distance from it. In this sense, the brain is a "fountain" emitting sprays of light

p. 231

out from the top of the head ... . These then curve downward, like an ultra-fine mist or dew, cascading all round the body and then move back up into the body through ... the soles of the feet. The whole of this SPARKLES with a wild assortment of colors.

Associated with this are some darker-colored "bands," which, ... too, rise out of the top of the skull, often to a height of three to five feet, and then turn downward. They then encapsulate the body at about a distance of one to two feet on its exterior, and reenter the soles of the feet. They extend into the floor or ground usually about five feet. I call these "magnetic bands"... . These slowly, very slowly, rotate around the bio-body either clockwise or anti-clockwise in different people, and occasionally change the direction of rotation as if some kind of a "polarity shift" takes place. ...

There are never less than five bands, but some people have as many as ten ... .


Their main source or conduit, however, does not appear to be the brain. They merge in the esophagus and seem to flow through it."

{cf. the significance of the throat/neck in Sahajiya and Taoist occult anatomies.}

p. 231 spine

"From the spine emerges a complex network, usually dark pink in color, which extends through and around the entire body from the skin all the way into each and every internal organ. This network seems to culminate in the nails of the toes and fingers, and the hair follicles, all of which then emit rays of pink and bluish light (as seen, for example, by von Reichenbach’s sensitives.)"

pp. 232-3 nets {component-nets of the aitheric network}; energy-bubbles

p. 232

"Indeed, the entire bio-psychic organism ... seems to be densely composed of networks of all kinds and which entangle each other. If these nets are not seen magnified, they altogether can be seen as mists of lights whose combined radiance extends to about a foot or more outside the bio-body proper. In this sense, their combined luminosity can look like an oval aura. But when magnified, in fact they are not oval, since all of them ... more or less follow the contours of the bio-body from the surface of the skin inward and outward.

The skeleton has its own special net, which ... seems very strongly and heavily "magnetic" {viz., alike to the "magnetic bands" of p. 231?} in nature. Any damage to this particular network can easily result in some form of unconsciousness.


What is distinctly emitted from the bio-body, however, are rays, beams, and ... "bubbles" of energy. The bubbles can be exceedingly tiny or quite large – and they are like spores or globules of light of many different colors, intensities, and densities. All of the rays, beams and bubbles can project or drift far afield, and all of them can quite easily be absorbed and disappear into the auras of others. ... The various kinds of rays and beams can extend for quite some astonishing distance from the bio-body ... . ...

p. 233

Indeed, when impacting into the fields of others, there is a kind of splash of energies, as if a rock hitting water. All of these can quickly be "absorbed" into the energy fields of others."

p. 234 inanimate substances

"I was seeing

the luminosities around door handles and the materials of buildings,

the lights emanating from my computer screen,

the green and purple emanations of the asphalt streets, and

the in-sucking of energies by plastics,

and so on and on beyond imagination."


22. (pp. 235-9)

p. 237 an unexplained aura-marking

"in one young man’s aura I perceived ... a rectangular black "bar" complete with 90-degree angular corners. I had no idea AT ALL of what this was".

p. 237 cakra-s opened

"the clairvoyant healer, Carmen de Barazza, ... said, when I first walked into her office, "all of your chakras are WIDE OPEN!.""

pp. 237-8 diagnosing medical patients by means of "medical clairvoyance"

p. 237

"I occasionally worked ... to help ... diagnose difficult patients. In this particular work, I sometimes saw the ominous dull black auras.

p. 238

... these forecast approaching physical death."


Ingo Swann : Psychic Sexuality : the Bio-Psychic "Anatomy" of Sexual Energies. Rapid City (SD), 1999.