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6. (pp. 127-42) "Astral Lovers, Cosmic Mates, and Love's Divinity".

pp. 132-5 astral lovers

p. 132

"Astral lovers can be of either sex and from any plane of existence. ...

p. 133

As I reached my seventeenth year, I fell in love for the first time ... . I could not tell friends about my significant other. I couldn't introduce him to my parents. I couldn't bring home little sentimental souvenirs from our times together. I couldn't call him on the phone. But for ... years, I left my body daily to be with him. ...

[He] was not aware of his inner life. Yes, he was living a normal life in the physical world and had no idea of the activities of his spirit, but our relationship was like any other. ...

{This unconscious astral projection is similar to unconscious visits in a dream-body to the dreaming-world in a dream, where the unconscious dreamer may interact with conscious dreamwalkers visiting from their own dream-worlds.}

We traveled to light realms, kissed on the streets of San Francisco, and made love during New England twilights".

p. 134

"I have also found what I call a cosmic mate, which differs from an astral lover ... . ... .

... you can meet someone astrally and then arrange to meet them physically. I have never personally experienced this, but it is indeed possible ... . ... .

p. 135

... having a soul lover and a physical partner is not unethical, but it can be very complex. ... My best advice is to keep your astral relationship part of your spiritual life ... sacred".

pp. 136-8 cosmic mate of the authoress

p. 136

"A cosmic mate is ... of the opposite sex and is your ultimate spiritual counterpart ... within the invisible worlds of spirit. Each person has a cosmic mate. ...

p. 137

Once your reincarnation cycle is completed on this plane, you and your cosmic mate will untimately join spiritual forces and become like one soul. ... Above all, the energy that is received from knowing and loving a cosmic mate is energy that can create miracles, healing, and transformation in your life. ... .

... my cosmic mate, entered my life ... during a dark night of the soul ... and changed my life forever with his influence. ... Only moments after meeting him for the first time ..., we soared to the stars ...

p. 138

as I glanced at the spinning earth below us. ... We fused our soul energies together in explosions of prsimatic light and ecstasy. ... Every morning I filled pages of a journal with the night's happenings. With his instruction, I learned how to leave the body through the heart center, work with discarnates, project my consciousness without preparation ... .

Though he is part of my every day and my ultimate spiritual destiny will be with him, I am now involved with another astral lover who nourishes my creativity and needs".

p. 139

[A woman-friend of the authoress,] "a fellow soul traveler, had experiences with a cosmic lover ... . At the time of her encounter, ... Her husband was living in another state due to career obligations ... . ... In her own words, this is her own story.

... I drifted into a state of semiconsciousness. I found myself in my spirit body ... . While walking the streets of a vaguely familiar etheric city, ... I redicovered the immensity of universal love. ... this beautiful, golden man ... leaned over me ... . I offered no resistance, but fused completely into his being. His golden aura enveloped us both,

p. 140

making us truly one. ... Lips, arms, legs all melded together in a feeling beyond orgasmic. It was ecstasy in purest form in its purest form, a moment of rapture beyond comprehension. ... In the ensuing weeks ..., waves of devotion, awe, longing, and desire passed between us. ... We explored wonderful ethereal places unlike anything I've seen on earth -- palaces of learning with tremendous libraries, lecture rooms, stairwells leading to other levels. ... Looking down from the terraces, we saw cerulean pools bedecked with rainbow flowers generating color as energy ... . ... It was beyond passion. It was the spark of creation, the

p. 141

union of soul and soul, a connection to the source of life. Our energies melded in an eruption of pleasure and awareness.

After the meldings, I always awoke alone, trembling in the darkness ... . ... Yet ..., he is never completely distant and has returned during times of great distress. ... this love is the certainty that one day we will once again merge for eternity."


7. (pp. 143-8) "Finding a Spirit Lover".

pp. 144-5 how to attract a spirit as lover by imagination

p. 144

"If you are interested in finding a spirit lover, at this second, let the desire go ... out into the universe ... . Even if it feels awkward at first, ... See, hear, and feel your ideal spiritual partner. ... Imagine yourself at any location, such as ... on the banks of a sparkling etheric river on the third plane. ... Now picture yourself with a spirit partner. ... This is your time to put a request into the suggestion box of the universe. Envision yourself with this partner ... deeply loved ... . ...

p. 145

Consistently ... striving to meet someone in the dream state during sleep, use this visualization before bedtime. ... give the universal energy ... messages by having extreme confidence ... . ... So if a person shows up ... in your dreams, ... automatically assume he or she is ... a destined partner. Like souls ... always find each other."

pp. 146-7 how to attract a spirit as lover by inditing an epistle

p. 146

"Another powerful but simple way to is to write a heartfelt letter to your spirit partner. ... the person who is destined to be your companion will read the letter. Tell him or her ... what you need in a love relationship, why you want a spirit lover, where he or she can find you (choose an astral location), and how much you are looking forward to meeting him or

p. 147

her. Pour your soul into each word and then fold the letter into an envelope. You may wish to place the letter under the pillow you use for soul travel or sleep. ... If you have an altar where you pray, meditate, or do rituals, place the letter there."

p. 147 how to attract a spirit as lover by means of moonlight

"The energies of attraction are strongest at the time of the ... full moon. ... As you feel the moonlight bathing you with its beautiful ... beams, imagine ... the countless lovers of the ages who gazed on it and ... watched it from the watchtower of the heavens. As you feel aglow with the moon's light, imagine yourself with a spirit partner. Feel him or her by your side. ... Expect to meet him or her during a soul journey, even if it is during sleep. You will remember {during a dream?}. As you look at the sky, imagine your potential spirt lover somewhere looking at the moon. Know that he or she needs and wants your love as much as you need and want his or hers. Speak to him or her."


8. (pp. 149-65) "Melding & Lovemaking in the Spirit-body".

p. 150 sacred prostitution

"Prostitution ... was once a holy and respectable contribution to ancient ... civilizations. ... ancient temple prostitution was a life of spiritual service ... . ... Any sexual act performed ... was consecrated".

pp. 152-3 meldings

p. 152

"When two spirits meld, each spirit exchanges energy with the other. In actuality, the act of giving and taking energy results in explosive ecstasy, consciousness expansion, orgasmic euphoria, and complete loss of identity. At best, melding can take a soul directly into the consciousness of the Ultimate Deity. There are many types of meldings, including chakra meldings, spirit fusions, non-sexual meldings, ... and light body meldings. ... Meldings can be planned or happen without warning when two like souls come in contact with one another. The melding experience differs with cosmic mates, astral lovers, et cetera. ...

p. 153

This is the gift of each successful melding : the physical and spiritual knowledge that we are essentially instruments of divine love. Meldings, when with a cosmic mate or a vibrationally harmonious astral lover, can go a step further than ecstasy and catalyze physical and emotional healing. ... Since the soul body retains every function, sensation, and characteristic of the earthly body, the full sexual experience in the spirit body is just as it is in the physical."

pp. 153-6 lovemaking in the soul-body

p. 153

"Making love in the spirit body is wonderfully free because issues of birth control and disease are nonexistent. ...

p. 154

My initiation int astral lovemaking took place during a morning sojourn. My lover [the one mentioned on p. 133] and I were both out of the body, ... [he] gave me daffodils, and we made love for the first time in the cool bed of tall grasses. [cf. the "tall grasses" mentioned on p. 46] ... I did not expect to experience orgasm, and the pleasure moved me to tears. I will never forget the feeling of oneness not only with [the lover] but with the entire earth. We were dense like our physical forms, but when the wind blew across the lake, it blew through us."

p. 155

"when you make love astrally, it is possible for you to see the actual energy that you and your partner create. If you are with someone who is your vibrational equal, the energy will be even more visual. Many times after making love in a dark space, my lover and I have been startled to see hundreds of prismatic lights flashing like comets around us. ... I have noticed that when our lovemaking is deeply emotional and spiritual, we are encircled by breathtaking blue light that is stationary or slow moving; and if our time together is passionate and thunderous, the light is multi-colored, brilliant, and vigorous. During these moments, we often experience spontaneous meldings. Though meldings can occur at any time, they often occur during those moments after orgasm when both lovers are basking in the euphoria of pleasure and complete understanding. Like a magnet, without warning, the lover and beloved fuse together in an explosion of light. At its best, a spontaneous melding such as this is almost frightening in its intensity and electricity that is so ecstatic physically, emotionally, and spiritually, the previous lovemaking seems to be just a warm-up to the main event. ... The best way to take advantage of spontaneous melding is to remain in the position of lovemaking for a few moments after orgasm. ...

p. 156

The act of remaining enfolded, while both lovers are still pulsating ..., seems to spark a sudden, urgent melding. The length of the melding varies, sometimes being a few seconds or, when it is exceptionally good, a few minutes. The sensation of being inside one another in a womb of vibrating light is indescribable and always breathtaking. ... It still amazes me to see the light spark and peak like an enormous flame and then suddenly dissolve."

p. 156

"occasionally you may notice that melding is not as free-flowing as at other times. This may be attributed to emotional blocks in the heart chakra due to withholding anger or tears. If you experience this awkwardness, make a point of releasing any suppressed feelings before melding. The usual ease will immediately return, and the melding will be as wonderful as always."

pp. 156-7 fusion melding

p. 156

"The fusion melding will probably be the first melding you will experience because it is the most commonly experienced. ...

p. 157

This type of melding can either be very energizing or peace-inducing but, in either case, you will feel as if you are dissolving into a dream. ... Experiencing a fusion melding with an animal can put you in touch with universal rhythms for days. ... During a fusion melding, ... You may laugh with euphoria or cry with joy. Allow all feelings to progress or the melding will be interrupted."

p. 158 heart melding

"Since the essence of the Ultimate Deity dwells within the heart chakra, the heart melding is an actual exchange of this God energy. When you are engaged in this melding, you experience powerful love not only for the other being but for all of creation. You are able to love each and every speck of life on any plane as you would love an intimate partner and, in turn, you feel the universe embracing you with ardor. ... To experience the heart melding, ... simply imagine light shining from the chakra into your partner's corresponding center."

pp. 159-60 cosmic melding

p. 159

"The cosmic melding usually is reserved for coupling with an advanced being such as a cosmic mate ... . This melding catapults you into direct communion with Deityand momentarily eclipses your identity and present consciousness. ... The true state of ... nirvana can be reached with the cosmic melding ... . ... To experience a cosmic melding, ... attempt this melding within the light-drenched realms of the third plane if possible. ... The moment when both crown chakras merge, you will feel ignited with awesome force. ... For the first few moments you will feel power surge through you with pleasure beyond comprehension and then ... you will find that your consciousness is completely drawn inward. When this drawing in occurs, you momentarily become unaware of ... your own thoughts, your own ecstasy. ... This loss of identity ... will usher you into a state of bliss that you have never experienced in the physical body. You will feel completely inseparable from all of creation. Ultimately, you will understand ... that you are everything and everything is you. ...

p. 160

So if you want to come out of it with tremendous vitality, allow the melding to conclude when it naturally wants to. You can always repeat the melding to experience more".

p. 160 lovers' melding

"the lover's melding can be the most intoxicating and erotic. ... Also, when sexually intense meldings are engaged in too often, the Kundalini energy may stay locked in the lower chakras, which can result in the inability to travel to finer spiritual realms or expeerience spiritual ecstasy during other meldings."

pp. 161-3 light-body {causal-body} melding

p. 161

"one can only enter the higher spiritual realms in the vehicle of a refined light body. ... Going into a light body erases all of your characteristics and, for a while, you are only consciousness in the form of silver or golden light. When you become a light form with a beloved, you are able to travel to unknown worlds together. But in order to accomplish becoming light energy, this melding must be done within the inner planes above the earth plane, preferably within the ... fourth.

p. 162

While you are within the ... fourth plane, face your partner and press your palms together. At the root chakra, imagine a light beaming ... into your partner's as he or she does the same. When you are joined at the root chakra, you will feel incredible sexual desire that you must use. ... When you will this sexual energy upward, you are actually raising the Kundalini energy. ... As each pair of chakras meld, it will be an electrifying sensation due to the fast-rising current of psychic fire on its way to the crown centers. Once the current reaches the tops of both your heads, you will see a blinding silver-white light and ... you will become two individual light bodies. You will have no limbs, no features, because you will be a pulsating sphere of exquisite light. ... When you become a light form, you will probably have a ... memory {transmitted from the Akas`ik Records?} of being in this state before you had a physical body. You are simply returning to your soul's natural state ..., which is the true, immortal, ever-knowing nucleus of the being you are. ...

NOTE : During your light body melding, you may notice additional chakra centers that exceed the known seven. You may find these deeply hidden centers only during an intense melding such as this one ... . You may discover a center between the solar plexus and heart chakras, a center be-

p. 163

tween the heart and throat chakras, and

powerful centers in the palms of the hands."

{Those in the palms of the hands may be depicted as eyen on images of a Buddha.}

p. 163 healer's melding

"The healer's melding can stimulate healing ... on any level if you are in need of it. ... To be a channeler in the healer's melding, imagine light energy beaming from your heart chakra into your partner's troubled area ... . Wherever the problem is in the physical body, driect your light energy to that place. ... In turn, the receiving partner should totally surrender to the love being sent."

p. 164 energy-direction melding

"Energy Direction Melding" : "This melding allows you and your partner to direct energy into the invisible worlds in order to manifest a result on the physical plane. ... . ... face one another and imagine light beaming into each other's brow chakras. When your brow chakra melds with your partner's, you will feel and see a a tremendous light emanate from your foreheads. ... During this melding, a current of happiness surges up your spine that is spiritual ..., and you will feel charged with cosmic force."

pp. 164-5 group melding

p. 164

"Group meldings can be brilliliant fusions that give each soul body added energy, psychic stimulation, or inspiration. ...

p. 165

To experience a group melding, stand with your partners in a circular gathering and hold hands. Choose one individual who will begin by extending his or her aura outward as far as possible. The moment one being's force field reaches the one beside him or her, the rest will catch fire, so to speak. Thisis the most fascinating of meldings because light energy travels through each individual aura like wildfire. ... Group meldings can be ideal for sending healing energy to someone apart fro the group or for physical manifestation".


10. (pp. 173-88) "Soul-Sex in the Physical Body".

p. 185 tears as rivers

{When you kiss and taste your beloved, remember that tears ... and sexual secretions reflect the rains, rivers, and seas.}

{cf. the flooding by the Nile River being caused (in myth) by the tears shed by goddess 3S-t (Isis) when she was sexually violated.}


Marlene' Marie Druhan : Naked Soul : Astral Travel & Cosmic Relationships. Llewellyn Publ, St Paul (MN), 1998.