Naked Soul

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4. (pp. 67-93) "Techniques of Conscious Projection".

pp. 72-3 Citrus technique (for solar plexus)

p. 72

"Think of the ... tangerine ... . Imagine a tangerine orchard ... . Feel the ... orange fruit in your mind. ... smell the citrus as you envision ... . ...

{Contemplating the orange-fruit is a meditation practiced in the Holy Order of Mans.}

If you experience chills, rapid heartbeat, or dizziness, continue to ... visualize. You may feel a tingling sensation throughout your body, ... and spinning in your head. ...

p. 73

You may feel feather-light, completely numb all over, or extremely heavy and weighted to the bed, chair, or floor. An intense, thrilling spinning sensation usually follows. ... You may hear a popping sound, like a cork being removed from a bottle, at the moment your soul body separates from the physical."

pp. 75-6 Rose technique (for heart)

p. 75

"Imagine deep pink roses ... . ... In your mind's eye, smell the fragrance of these roses ... . ...

p. 76

Continue ... until you feel a warmth ... . This warmth will probably progress into a sensation of expansion, as if suddenly a door ... has flung open widely".

pp. 78-9 Fire-serpent technique {cf. [Aztec] Xiuh-coatl}

p. 78

"... imagine a prismatic, multicolored ribbon of fire traveling serpent-like from your coccyx to the top of your head. As this rainbow light travels through the pathway bof your body, see it illuminating each area as it ascends toward your head. .. Vividly envision the fire uncoiling ... . ... Feel ignited from head to toe with rainbow light. In your mind's eye, see the prismatic ribbon of energy reaching the top

p. 79

of your head. When this reaches the crown, imagine the spectrum of color exploding into a blinding eruption of silver-white light that sends sparks away from you ... . Once you have been visualizing this for a certain period of time ..., you may ... hear the buzzing of bees, the sound of breaking surf, rushing winds, or ... a sound that resembles a rush of storm wind. ... This ... is a sure technique that can catalyze extensive journeys to finer planes and hard-to-reach locations, such as the Akashic Records ... and other spiritual libraries."

pp. 84-5 a protective ritual (conducted while in the physical)

p. 84

"Imagine a ring of white fire blazing around you, encircling you in a protective bubble of power. ...

Then take ... sea salt (use only if you are out of doors), ... strewing the .. salt. ...

{Roman Catholic exorcists, however, put salt into the corners of rooms indoors.}

p. 85

Allow any instinctual sound to come out. Yelp, howl, sigh, ... or even growl".

pp. 86-7 remote viewing

p. 86

"After contacting my soul guide during my teen years, I learned how to observe distant places with her assistance. Eventually ... I was often in two places at one time. ... I could also be aware of any intrusion ... in my immediate environment. ... This way my initiation into the world of soul projection. ... For reference, you may wish to read The Spiral Dance ...

p. 87

by Starhawk. She briefly discusses the nature of consciousness projection in the "Trance" chapter. ... To practice remote viewing ..., make time before getting out of bed to practice this technique. ...

Imagine you are floating on your back in sunlit ... water. ...

{Various species of swimming mammals habitually float on their backs.}

Once you feel serene ..., focus on a place you would like to visit ... . ... Repeat the name of the place over and over. ... Do this until you begin to see pictures ... in your mind ... in vivid flashes like a slide show."

pp. 90-1 Twilight technique

p. 90

In the "twilight technique ... it is possible that the individual may fall asleep only to awaken with very little memory (if any) of the journey. ... This shadowy time before sleep ...

p. 91

is the time between the waking and dream state, an inviolate moment when the door between worlds is left ajar."


5. (pp. 95-124) "Exploring the Invisible".

p. 96-101 aitheric passageways

p. 96

"there are three passageways or tunnels that connect the physical world to the higher and lower realms of existence : the death tunnel, the lower tunnel, and the birth tunnel. ...

p. 97

These etheric tunnels are actually great vortices of energythat have a powerful magnetic {inthe Mesmeric sense} force that propels the soul body forward."

"The death tunnel is the passage to higher realms beyond the earth plane ... from the death experience ... . ...

p. 98

A golden light shines from a distance {from the far end of the tunnel?}, but those not experiencing death will not witness the blinding white light so many people report {when having undergone a "near-death" experience} ... . Within this tunnel I have seen pulsing spheres of light, some spinning ... while others remain stationary. Among this light energy I have also seen tiny flames of color the size of blinking fireflies. ... Your flight through the death tunnel will be one of tremendous speed and exhileration."

p. 99

"There is a separate passageway that leads to the lower astral level. ... This tunnel is dark, with a density in vibration that will make you feel as if you are traveling through a thick {viscous} liquid. There is also a sensation of extreme cold and dampness.

p. 100

... the lower tunnel is ... with ... thought forms the color of muddy green, grayish yellow, and smoky brown."

"The birth tunnel is the passage souls use when reincarnating on the earth plane. This exquisite vortex of energy propels the soul essence toward a new life. ...

p. 101

The birth tunnel is filled with beautiful light and shines as if made of sun-reflective gold. This gateway vibrates with even deeper and brighter color bursts than the death tunnel. ... Countless specks of metallic gold resembling gold dust fills {fill} the entire gateway ... . These little flecks are actually souls on their way to a new life."

pp. 101-3 outline of planes and subplanes

p. 101


"Astral parallel of earth plane : where nature spirits and elementals reside"


"Astral parallel of universe : where planetary rulers ... reside"


"Realm of cause and effect : where all karmic debts are housed"


"Lower astral : Realms of thought forms; ... perceived as hell"

p. 102


"Reunion realm : where souls fresh from the death experience reside temporarily; the meeting place where soul guides and loved ones are reunited"


"Vibrational healing realm : where chakra temples are located; realm of spirit physicians; realms of healing and rest for those who experience traumatic deaths"


"Discarnate realm : where souls waiting to incarnate and reincarnate receive instruction before physical birth"


"Sound realms : where healing with ... spiritual properties of sound and music is practiced"


"Creative realms (the Dionysian Ray) : ... artistic ... realms of intense color, beauty, feeling, and inspiration"


"Higher creativity realm : ... place of ... sciences of intellectual ... nature"


"Realm of knowledge : location of Akashic records"


"Realms of advanced teachers"


"Realms of ... light beings"


"Angelic kingdoms"

p. 103


"Realm of the masters{/mistresses} : where ... true saints dwell"


"Realm of divinity : where the ultimate god/goddess energy dwells"


"Plane of the Unknown" "Source of All"

pp. 103-5 Astral parallel of earth

p. 103

"For the first few times of conscious projection, you will most probably travel to various locations in the physical world. ... . ... you will see ... nature spirits, fairies, elementals ... . ...

p. 104

Communication can vary from telepathy to projection of auric light ... . ... Sometimes telepathy results in a simple exchange of visual images ... . ...

There are mazes and etheric dwelling places within the earth -- shimmering, prismatic cities within clouds ...; spirit lights blinking ...

p. 105

among trees; faces and dancing forms in fire; and haunting, singing beings beneath waterfall pools ... . ... Ultimately, you will find layers of spiritual life that overlap and interact with each other. ...

During one memorable journey, I came face to face wth a male sea spirit.

The haunting beauty of his iridescent face

{This is the Chinese "Pearly Emperor" god.}

was framed by ... indigo-black hair. His lower torso was a swirling prism of light energy that resembled the graceful glossamer of a fish tail. ... As soon as we touched our curious palms together, I felt an exhilerating shock of energy flash through my entire soul body."

pp. 106-7 Astral parallel of universe

p. 106

"with the suggestion from a soul guide ..., I willed myself to the sun. ... I suggest you do the same. ... After I saw the sun, ... I saw quickly moving forms of silver light dart ... within the glimmering gases of the stars.

Each heavenly body has an etheric sovereign ... . These supreme, celestial rulers ... are accessible if you enter their psychic worlds with humility ... . ... Though most are extremely elusive and selective in who[m] they choose to appear to, with patience and respect these kingdoms can not only be explored but their rulers can serve as spiritual teachers as well.

Over a two-month period, I traveled to Neptune ... . Its ruler is a massive female energy draped in cascades of aqua and sapphire blue. ... Silver-white lightships are ...

p. 107

within her astral realm, as well as strange but beautiful energies ... submissive to her. Like the astral kingdoms of other planets, Neptune houses many realms within realms. Countless glimmering stairways create labyrinths of light, and blue and lavender mists curtain most of the areas I explored. ...

The bright, reflective side of the moon is ... a silver-blue world of painfully beautiful and fragrant flowers ... . The Queen of the moon is the most elusive of the planetary ... beings ... . I remember her as having ... upturned, elongated eyes, and a glistening frame of silver hair ... . Her entire body was enshrouded in sparkling white mists."

pp. 108-11 Lower Astral planes

p. 108

"These lower realms have been literally created by humankind's ... thought, emotions, and actions, and are constructed of resulting thought forms."

p. 109

"Blueprint of the Earth. ... The landscape is very dark, primitive".

p. 110

The "second plane of the lower astral ... is unbearably hot, arid, and boiling with rivers of scarlet energy resembling ... volcanic lava. ... Black thought forms ... crowd the numerous caverns and corridors of this plane."

"The third plane of the lower astral ... . ... All sexual demons, including the incubus and succubus, reside here ... . ... During my journey in this realm, I witnessed spirits in violent orgasmic ecstasy absorbing smoke-colored sexual energy from an unknown source.

p. 111

... The landscape of this realm is dark and jagged with blackish-crimson haze resembling thick fog. Tar-like substances drip into swirling ... pools."

[4th plane of the lower astral.] "It is indescribably frigid and is basically a wasteland of iced-over trees ... . ... I saw ... it took every ounce of strength to fight paralysis."

[5th plane of the lower astral.] "The countless beings here can aptly be called hell's angels. Their ... diversity, and dark wings of energy cannot be imagined. There is a ... massive being, beast-like in nature and appearance, that seems to govern this plane."

pp. 112, 114, 116 Transitional planes

p. 112

"I will never forget traveling through beautiful purple mist to a place where many bridges connected portions of the landscape. Beyond it, the plane resembled ... places on earth, but vibrated in deeper color intensity."

p. 114

"As you travel within the transitional plane ..., with experience you may also learn how to help troubled souls cross over the threshold of death. ... The spirit cannot accept death because it still clings to ... the life that was lived ... . This is where you can become a spirit helper ... . I worked as a helper for a few years, and I was thrown into it by a sneaky by determined soul guide. ... She [the soul-guide] told me to go over to her [a certain dead woman's soul] and explain to her that she was no longer in her body ... . ... In the long moment of speaking ..., I told her [that dead woman's soul] to

remember her life as if she were viewing a movie."

{This sort of "movie" is displayed in the "Mirror of Dharma".}

p. 116

"Also within the transitional realm are countless healing centers or temples ... . These centers are filled with spirit physicians who use cosmic sound and color vibration to heal ... spiritual sickness."

pp. 117-9 plane of Creative Force

p. 117

"The entire plane, including subplanes and realms, is drenched in ... gold ... light ... . ...

p. 118

You will see glittering rivers of dazzling colors with sparkling beds of clarion crystals. ... Among the ... things you will see are amber-lit orchards ... with succulent fruit ... tasting like peach, mango, tangerine, and pineapple combined. ... I have encountered

p. 119

the unforgettable energy of Dionysus here ..., so if you see a shimmering being with the form of a perfected youth, flame-blue eyes, and a dark river of hair draped in deep purple light, you will know who it is. ...

Within these sound realms, you may come across a particularly large celestial city devoted to spiritual healing ... . The city's crystalline cathedral-like structure shines in the deepest shade of rose. ... If and when you find this extraordinary place, you may also see countless light ships descending and ascending. Many times these ... enter our physical realm ... . Yes, there are other beings in and beyond our solar system, but ... actually ... of etheric reality. ... This city, called Teesha .., is open to your exploration. ... If you find Teesha, be sure to journey through one of the immense meadows that encircles the city. Each flower within these fields radiates a different shade of spellbinding pink."

pp. 120-1 plane of Pure Thought {= Mental Plane}

p. 120

"In order to gain access to the fourth plane, first travel to the third plane, the plane of creative force.

Within the third plane, open the throat and brow chakra by placing both hands on each center and move them in a clockwise direction. (... Clockwise for opening, counterclockwise for closing.) ...

{This is the process for attaining to the "mental body" (manas-maya-kos`a) from the astral body.}

p. 121

The plane of pure thought houses all ... knowledge. This plane is a mecca for spiritual seekers due to its innumerable etheric libraries, universities, and learning spaces solely devoted to spiritual and intellectual sciences ... and philosophies inspired by higher mind ... . The Akashic Records, the most vast and significant of spiritual libraries, ... This celestial "hall of records" holds soul information of every person, entity, and spirit of all planes of existence including events, past lives, future lives ... . ... No matter which learning center or library you explore on the fourth plane and its subplanes, ... you may simply put your hand on a volume of information and automatically know its contents. ...

The landscape of the planet is very intense in color, and light emanates from every spirit and structure. All libraries and universities here ... appear as polished crystal, gleaming gemstone, or pure diamond-bright light. The environment, though, is constantly changing and transforming due to the ... number of thought energies interacting simultanously. Each time I visit the fourth plane, I witness objects, structures, even mountains appear or disappear in front of me within ... a second."

pp. 122-3 plane of Being

p. 122

"The fifth plane, the plane of being, can only be reached by transforming your spirit body into a light form."

{"light form" = "Causal Body"}

"While you are within the fourth plane, close all chakras except the brow and crown chakras. ...

p. 123

Always be sure to open all chakras that you closed before returning to your physical body" {or rather, to one's spirit-body left behind in the plane of Pure Thought?}.

p. 124 plane of Energy

"When they do appear on another plane for communication, these divine energies most often appear androgynous, but there are exceptions".

{If androgynous, may they be spirits of androgynous animals, such as worms or shellfish?}

p. 124 plane of the Unknown

"It is ruled by the Ultimate Deity, who is beautifully unknowable".


Marlene' Marie Druhan : Naked Soul : Astral Travel & Cosmic Relationships. Llewellyn Publ, St Paul (MN), 1998.