Naked Soul

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1. (pp. 3-36) "Praeparation & Protection".

pp. 3-4 the authoress's upbringing

p. 3

"Raised in a metaphysical family, I took it for granted that my father practiced mind power and my mother was a soul traveler. ... Reared in this protective bubble of alternative spirituality that embraced all religions, I learned ... . ... . ... my mother ... often spoke about her exhilerating journeys

p. 4

out of body to European cathedrals ... and ... glimmering orchards not of this world. ... I struggled to astral project. ... I found myself out of my body. ... I was ... thrilled to find my own spiritual abilities".

p. 5 the material body & its aura

"The physical body is the temple of our souls ... . ... The aura is the etheric, protective shield that surrounds the body. ... this multicolored, flame-like force acts as a psychic moat, obstructing negative or harmful energies from entering our spiritual space."

p. 7 home environment

"Keep your environment physically clean ... . ... T keep your environment psychically charged with good energy, play beautiful, uplifting music that makes you feel joyful, creative, loving, or spiritual. Fragrance also channels higher energy ... . Choose products that are made only from pure {natural} essential oils and fragrances ... . ... Mugwort, poplar leaves, or rosemary all have magical history in promoting astral projection when placed near the physical body. ... Hematite, celestite, and amethyst are said to encourage astral projection."

pp. 11-2 clearing one's cakra-s

p. 11

"Unreleased ... frustration, grief ..., and unresolved fear become lodged in the chakras, making it difficult if not impossible for the Kundalini power to travel upward. Once a chakra becomes littered with the etheric energies of unresolved or unexpressed emotions, the chakra becomes sluggish, its good energy corked, and eventually it is unable to function. ...

With the insistence of one of my soul guides, over a two-week period I dealt with the emotions at hand, cried when I felt like crying, screamed when I felt like screaming, and so on. ... The first few days were almost unbearable in intensity but, after seeing the first week thorugh, I felt lighter that I had in years. I was as though I had emerged from a dark tomb and saw the sunlight. When the two-week period reached its end, I found myself on fire with creativity and joy ... . ...

p. 12

Once I did this in my own life, I progressed at lightning speed in my own spiritual pursuits and even experienced spiritual healing."

p. 16 coolth; nudism

"body temperature tends to lower during projection. Many times I've left my body in a perfectly comfortable state and, or returning, found myself to be very cold.

... you can attempt projection skyclad (in the nude). Freedom from clothing can have a profound effect on projection. Our psychic or spiritual energy is often stronger when there is an absence of clothing because clothes can hold mundane or negative energy that is collected during daily living. Being nude has a positive effect also because it is a pure state".

pp. 18-9 the authoress's experience of being oppressed in sleep-paralysis

p. 18

[When she awakened in the middle of the night, the authoress saw sitting on her bed a female whom she misrecognized as her own female soul-guide.]

"Just as I fell into light sleep, I felt razor-sharp nails grip my arms with intense force. I woke ... and could not move my body. ... I realized that the entity pressed to my back was unlike any I had ever encountered and even doubted the existence of. With indescribable power, it forced its energy into

p. 19

my skin, penetrating me until I felt immobilized and in pain even though this energy invading my body was totally invisible. ... The entity began sucking my energy from my back between the shoulder blades with a loud, unearthly sound while moving against me. ...

The sexual urgency of the frenzied movement seemed to give it additional power, and

{Because this entity was a female, the "sexual urgency" must have been tribadism (Lesbianism).}

I actually heard the entity enter my body halfway.

{If this entry was by the genitalia of the female entity, she may have been a huaine (hyaena) goddess, with their hypertrophied clitoris, female huainai sexually violate other female huainai. Certain African witch-women are said to ride the huaine.}

It sounded as if an oversized object was being forced into a small suitcase."

p. 18 "A benevolent {divine} being always has some amount of beautiful light exuding from the eyes".

pp. 26-7 thought-forms

p. 26

"When a clairvoyant sees a thought form or a soul traveler encounters one while out of the body, the form appears like a semi-dense mass of smoke. ... happy and positive thought forms are usually bright, clear colors ... while negative energy formed from anger, frustration, and sadness are darkly hued colors such as brown ..., muddy ..., and black. ...

p. 27

When I attempted to walk through a negative thought form while in my spirit boedy, it was like trying to walk through thick layers of a spider's web. The dark energy matter felt sticky ... . The only way I was able to move through the mass or take it off of my soul body was to think of a very emotionally positive memory. This took time, effort, and proved to be tiring, but once I created a positive thought from that equalled its size and power, the negative energy dissolved. [Negative] Thought forms can be harmful to a soul traveler if they cling to the spirit body and are not dissolved before he or she returns to the physical body. ... the negative thought energies can build and actually ground the soul body, making subsequent projection difficult if not improbable. So, if you find yourself face to face with a dark energy mass, promptly recall a beautiful memory that makes you feel emotional in a positive way. ... Do this until the thought form dissolves and is replaced by your happy one. If one memory doesn't do the job, think of as many as you wish, but give each one adequate time to produce positive energy.

If you are not sure whether you are in the presence of a negative thought form or a shapeshifting spirit, consider ... : Con you communicate with the energy? Does it send you telepathic messages? ... From my own experience, thought forms cannot communicate with us".

pp. 29-30 while projected : becoming temporarily immobilized (stuck), and contemplating death

p. 29

"To go anywhere on any plane, the soul traveler simply wills his or her spirit body to the destined location. Because of this natural ability of the soul, it is impossible to get lost in other worlds. However, if you are out of body and have a moment of mundane doubt, your thoughts may not be directed properly and immobility may result. ... If you find yourself immobile, unable to reach a destination or escape an unpleasant predicament, take a moment to completely relax your mind. ... Recall your inborn ability to imagine, then direct your thoughts to your desired destination or goal. When all else fails, just think of your physical body andyou will automatically return to it.

There were times when I found it difficult to enter my physical body. During those times, I'd slip halfway into my very familiar but dense body and somehow get stuck. When I struggled, I could actually feel physical pain, for half my consciousness was in my soul body while the other half was in the physical. After studying this problem, I realized that I experienced this odd difficulty when my thoughts were not directed ... . ... As soon as I remembered the realities of the soul's etheric nature, I slipped right into my body like a letter into an envelope. So, if you find yourself in a similar

p. 30

dilemma remember that ... your soul body ... true nature enables it to conquer solidity ... .

Frankly ..., seeing your physical body on the bed or in the chair with your soul eyes may be unnerving. To this day, sometimes if I touch my physical body while in the projected state, I feel a little spooked. During these times ..., I simply remember that I had a soul before I had a physical body; that I entered this physical world in spirit form and will leave in spirit form. We are all souls renting the flesh. Everything ... in this world of earthly experience is leased, including the body. ...

Lastly, if your physical body is in any kind of danger while you are soul traveling, your spirit will instantly return. The soul is at all times intuitively aware of the body's state."

pp. 31-2 protection techniques

p. 31

"drench the area with music for twenty minutes or longer prior to projection. ... Imagine a beam of white fire leaving the tip of your index finger and reaching the room's entrance".

p. 32

"Many times I have seen a bright and shimmering light accompany me on my soul journey that would vanish when I reached my destination."


2. (pp. 37-51) "Traveling with Soul-Guides".

pp. 40-6, 48, 50 types of soul-guides

p. 40

"Each of us has a circle of soul guides who interact with each other ... . ... And any one of the seven types of soul guides we each have can aid you in soul traveling. These are :"

p. 41

"Throughout a person's lifetime, an individual may have from two to ten assigned guides." [The authoress's own assigned-soul guide named by her is of her own gendre, female.]

p. 42

"Ancestor guides ... can be very powerful in their assistance ... . ... But within each family, ... familial

p. 43

spirits do work and strive to aid ... . ... Contacting an ancestor guide can give you ... results from guide-subject spiritual efforts when living family members need healing, guidances, et cetera".

p. 44

"Each of us, over the course of a lifetime, has approximately three angelic guides working behind the scenes for our well-being. ... My first contact with a guiding angel occurred in the dream state when I was lucid dreamig ... . This initial introduction was the beginning of a series of intense dreams and visions that ushered me into the supernatural realm of spirituality. I have heard {while in the ordinary waking state?} the thundering voice of my guiding angel ... . ... While out of body, I have seen my angelic guide as a beautiful silver-white light energy that looks like a sphere of pristine fire burning near my soul as I travel ... . [The authoress' own angelic-soul guide mentioned by her is of opposite gendre, male.] ...

p. 45-6

If you hear extraordinarily beautiful music coming from an unknown source, ... you may be one of the chosen few who will see their spirit guides manifest in their most dramatic ... with upsweeping streams of light energy that [p. 46] resemble bird's wings."

p. 46

"Animal Power Guides. ... . ... a wave of psychic energy began to transform the physical sickness I was experiencing. When this psychic energy wave crested, I projected my consciousness into the moving body of the [spirit-]cheetah. ... Suddenly, I had four legs, a tail, and was running at rapid speed through ... tall grasses."

p. 48

"Each individual ... has one to three elemental guides ... . ... An elemntal guide can part the veil between the physical ... worlds and the inner realms shimmering with nature spirits, fire beings, water nymphs, and strange ... semi-divine creatures".

p. 50

"When you contact any soul guide, you automatically contact helpers also. ... If you are in your physical body and need help locating an object, book, person, et cetera, ask a helper."


3. (pp. 53-65) "The Nature & Abilities of the Spirit-Body".

p. 54 verisimilitude of the projected state to the material state

"one morning when my mother awakened, got up, and proceeded to get dressed for work, she casually glanced toward the bed and saw her physical body still resting. She had been out of her body, yet the sensation and act of beginning the day had been identical as the actual physical routine!"

pp. 54-6 sensory adequacy of the projected soul-body

p. 54

"if you have loss of sight, hearing, or use of a limb in your physical body, your spirit will not retain this limitation. While out of the body, the blind can

p. 55

see, the deaf can hear, and those who are wheelchair-bound can run through fields."

"The spirit body feels heat and cold, but is able to adapt to temperature by will. If you project to a snowy forest in the middle of a blizzard, you have the choice of experiencing the cold with discomfort but no harm to your "body," or simply willing yourself into a state of perfect adaptation. All you need to do is think of the desired state of comfort. Once you do this very simple act of thought, you can walk barefoot through snowdrifts without being subject to freezing temperatures."

"Astral sight (the sense of sight while in the spirit body) has another ... ability. Not only can you see with perfect vision, but you will have the ability to "see" behind you. ...

p. 56

Spirits of the trees, flowers, mountains, heavens, and waters can be observed with astral sight."

pp. 56-7 abilities of the projected soul-body approximate those of the dream-body

p. 56

"Just by will, you have the option to ... walk on water ..., breathe under the waves as you swim, and any impossible activity you once dreamed of ... . ... Having a serious fear of water all my life, ... I would [in soul-body, while projected] dive into shimmering pools of sunlit water, sure that I had conquered the fear, but as soon as I remembered the phobia I would begin to experience a choking sensation that would have me rise desperately to the surface to breathe. As long as I remember the nature of the soul and not think in physical terms, I am able to enjoy journeying through water."

{Breathing under water is commonplace in ordinary dreaming. This (along with many other such factors) indicate that all dream-worlds are divine worlds, and that one's dream-body is actually a divine body.}

p. 57

"But you are probably asking, "How will I know if I'm successful and not just having a vivid dream ...?""

p. 57 temporarily being stuck in a wall

While projected in the soul-body, "you may try to walk through a wall and get "stuck." ... I remember one time I tried to pass through such a wall when I suddenly thought, I can't do it! -- and I literally got lodgted within the fibers of the wood. I struggled. I wrestled. I panicked. ... then I said to myself, "hey, stupid, you are not physically in the wall -- walk through it!" So, with this simple but difficult realization, I passed through the wall ... and did it four more times because it was such fun."

{If one should think of being stuck, this can cause the deities controlling movements of the divine "soul body" which they are lending to the human projecter to assume that the projecter is desirous of being stuck, and therefore cause that to happen. By reversing one's thought, the controlling deities assume otherwise, and therefore cause the lent body to behave otherwise.}

p. 57 while projected, proving to one's self this fact of being projected

"In case you are still a skeptic, look for your physical self, the envelope you slipped out of. If you have projected to another room or location entirely, then enjoy your trip. In this case, you will see your physical self when you return to it. Otherwise, if you go looking for your physical body, you may automatically be drawn back into it before you've had a chance to explore."

pp. 59-60 liberating souls of the dead from their bodily ailments; escaping from malevolent spirits

p. 59

"I have seen ... those who have passed on [by dying]. I remember one particular [dead] man who had spent his entire life in a mental institution. ... . ... an elderly [dead] woman ... could not "walk" because thought forms had collected to such an etheric density due to leg problems while she was living. With my soul guides, I learned to work with these spirits and show them how to clear their own obstacles so they could move on.

{Because being immured in a "mental institution" is due to misdeeds of the political state directed by capitalist stooges to imprison all persons who have spiritual abilities, lest such person contrive the overthrow of capitalism, it is therefore implied that the evil thought-forms are sent against such righteous persons at the behest of greed-maddened capitalists. To clear such obstacles it to set such persons free from bondage to the capitalist cless.}

When thought forms distort the soul body in this way, a spirit has trouble contacting their soul guides or even finding the inner worlds. These spirits usually become accustomed to drifting about the earth plane, hence the numerous reported hauntings by ghosts such as "One-eyed Jack" or "Limping Charlie.""

p. 60

"Game playing can get very unpleasant in the inner worlds, so it is best to avoid these situations ... . If you need to change form and image for self-protection (to confuse or throw off a mischievous energy, then don't hesitate."

{These treacherous "games" are played by spirits under control by the capitalist class; self-protection is indeed needed against evil sorceries perpetrated by spirit-agents of the capitalist class.}

p. 63 time spent in immaterial travel

"I have never traveled in my soul body for a period longer than two and a half hours. However, I have traveled in my soul body in the dream state (during sleep) for almost four hours."

p. 63 observing past events

"You can travel back into your former lives or historical events, but you will not be able to interact with any individuals or change any event that has transpired."

{This would be a variant to reading the Akas`ik Records in the Hall of Records : it is a matter of viewing a 3-dimensional (holographic) movie recording the past events, and is certainly not any "travel back into time" (which is, in fact, not possible).}

pp. 63-4 meeting with other projected astral travelers whilst projected

p. 63

"When you travel within the earth plane, you can meet others who are out of body and also living like yourself. These travelers

p. 64

may be aware or unaware of their journeys. ... It is very easy to form attachments ... romantically or sexually, and to skip all of the common preliminaries of getting to know the other person. ... Meeting someone astrally is ... wonderful ... : everything is beautiful."


Marlene' Marie Druhan : Naked Soul : Astral Travel & Cosmic Relationships. Llewellyn Publ, St Paul (MN), 1998.