Dark Moon Rising, I

I. "Introduction"






0. The Ordeal Path




1. Words of Power





0. The Ordeal Path



p. 1 antidote to materialism

"We need to create our own set of ordeal rituals

{Ordeal-rituals (as performed by humans) are pleasing to many categories of deities, who as guerdon will abundantly bestow benefits, both in this life and in future lives hereafter.}

that ... do not partake of the negative materialism of our society.

{This materialism to be resisted would include both greed for material possessions, and (rather more significantly) the philosophical materialism which is in denial of the praeternatural world of divinities.}

Indeed, they should ideally be an antidote to it."

p. 4 near-death experienceth channeleth towards the sacred

"I am also a shaman[ess], I have died and come back (literally, had a near-death experience, a series of divine visitations, ... as a shamanic rebirth ...) and everything I do must be channeled towards the sacred."

pp. 4-6 spiritual BDSM : to provide an actual means for visiting the mythic Netherworlds

p. 4

"I've found that spiritual BDSM can be ...

1) Using carefully applied pain in a specific ritual context in order to bring the bottom into an altered state by using their own endorphins, and thus bringing them closer to Spirit. ...

p. 5

I crave hurting people. To do this [Spirit-bringing] work makes it [scil., hurting people] ... sacred ... .

2) Using intense psychological theater in a ritual context to create ... the archetypal Journey to the Underworld, ... the top has to be ... the psychopomp who gets them in and out ... for ... the descent to the various Underworlds of Inanna, or Psyche, or Hermod {Hermo`d} ... . ... We have to channel the Underworld forces through ourselves ... . Whether it's ... rape or molestation ... it is our sacred

p. 6

task as priest/esses of the Underworld to take them all the way in[to the Netherworlds], and get them back out alive and better {i.e., more piously devout} than they were.

As a psychic vampire,

{sucking vital energies out of human souls}

I crave fear and pain ... and sex[ual excitation]. This is the way I've found {and largely, devised, by way of supernatural revelations} to get it[,] that is ... sacred as well, doing far more good ... .

3) Using full-time serious D/s as a spiritual path."

pp. 7-8 manifesto; & invitation to readers of this book

p. 7

"We who are the changelings of the Dark Moon ... are not happy with the fruit-and-flowers sex of the upper world and its sunny gods. We are like Inanna, who walked willingly into the realm of Death, who was stripped ... and ... was hung on a hook over the throne of the Queen of Death, [and] who had to be ransomed back by those turn gender on its head ["neither male nor female" (infra pt. III, p. 240)] and who are willing to weep ["they wept for her" (infra pt. III, p 242)]."

p. 8

"the graves of the Ancestors? ... . ... Kali [Kali]'s cremation ground...? ...

We've been there. ... Come follow us down ... ."



1. Words of Power



p. 9, 15-17 psychic/spiritual ritual in BDSM

p. 9

"Please also keep in mind that closure is just as important as clear openings, assuming that the people in question are not in full-time 24/7 relationship.

... you wouldn't walk away from a [spell-]cast [magickal] circle without bothering to

take it down,

dismiss the element[al spirit]s,

close [psychic & pneumatic] doors,

thank deities ... ."

pp. 15-16

[p. 15] "Some will differentiate between purely recreational BDSM and serious ritual or emotionally cathartic scenes by

referring to the first as "play" and [to] the second as [p. 16] "work"."

p. 16

"Ritual : ... For Pagans, it's a (sometimes repetitive)

set of symbolic actions that are done with deliberate and conscious spiritual purpose."

{The pragmatic function of a repetitious set of symbolic spiritual actions is to provide a readily compraehensible mode of communication with such supernaturals as do not understand ordinary human language.}

"Fetish ... : In anthropology, a fetish is an object to which magical powers are attributed ... .

{Most commonly, it is manufactured so as to become an abode of a divinity, which can thereupon be evoked.}

The truth is that a sexual fetish can indeed be used as a magical practice ... . ... In this case, a sexual fetish has become a magical

p. 17

fetish, an object that, when carried or used, bestows magical powers on the bearer.

... Handballing : A form of advanced sexual yoga ... . ... This is an advanced "opening" technique that can be used as ... a magical working to psychically "open" someone."


Raven Kaldera (editrix) : Dark Moon Rising : Pagan BDSM and the Ordeal Path. Asphodel Pr, Hubbardston (MA), 2006.