Sub-table of Contents -- Epitomes of Books on SEXUALITY (EROTICS)




Hidden Intercourse

1-2. "Sexual Hermetic and Gnostic Thought and Practice"; "Mystery of Valentinian Sex".

3-6. "Sexual Intercourse with Daimones"; "Eroticism in Qabbalah"; "Ta<nu^g"; "Liber Florum Caelestis".

7-10. "Ficino and Bruno"; "Sexuality in Alchemy"; "Penetrating Witchcraft"; "Sophia in Theosophy".

11-12. "Sex in Spiritualist Heavens"; "John Humphrey Noyes and Thomas Lake Harris".

13-15. "Paschal Beverly Randolph"; "Le Cle'ment de Saint-Marcq"; "Ordo Templi Orientis".

16-17. "Four 20th-Century Magical Groups"; "Esalen and Western Transmission of Tantra".


Transcendent Sex

0-3. "Body Electric"; "Good Gods"; "Supernatural Connections".

4-6. "Many Faces"; "By Love Possessed"; "Breaking Away".

7-9. "Past Lives"; "Being in Nothingess"; "Divine Union"

10-12. "Dark Side"; "Facilitating"; "Spiritual Path".


Psychic Sexuality

5-16. "Tremulous Pulsations"; "Tremulous Pulsations Seen by Clairvoyance".

19-22. "The Entangled Manifestation".

24-27. " "Anatomy" of Sexualizing Energies".


Naked Soul

1-3. "Praeparation & Protection"; "Soul-Guides"; "Spirit-Body".

4-5. "Conscious Projection"; "Exploring the Invisible".

6-8. "Lovers, Mates"; "Spirit Lover"; "Melding".


Dark Moon Rising : pagan BDSM

I. "Introduction".

II. "Sacred Pain".

III. "Journey to the Netherworld".

IV. "Path of Service".

V-VI. "Guardians of the Gate"; "This LeatherPagan Tribe".





"Prostitution", cap. 4 of Woman in the Sexual Relation


Anglo-American Traditional Erotica

I-VIII. Erotic Folklore & Erotic Literature

A-D. Russian, Breton, Picard, & French


The Last Victorians

"Voyeur's Motel".